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STEM in the Early Years

K-2 Curriculum Connects Social and Academic Competencies

Supplement core learning in your classroom with our whole-class, hands-on STEM Units, which enable lower-elementary students to make connections among the four areas of STEM. Each two-, three-, or four-week unit incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math concepts while also encouraging students to practice important social skills throughout the activities. Students work in teams to brainstorm and solve problems, beginning to develop those transferable future-ready skills necessary in college and careers and creating an awe for hands-on exploration at an early age.

Designed to offer optimum flexibility, the STEM Units can be incorporated in support of existing curriculum. Units can be implemented individually or grouped into two themes: Structures and Air. Unit materials and activities are designed to be easy to implement, use, and store.


  • Connects math and science knowledge with real-world STEM applications
  • Develops student confidence in their design and idea-generation abilities
  • Prepares students for more independent thinking needed in upper elementary
  • Can be implemented in a variety of ways, offering maximum flexibility for teachers

Teachers are provided with everything they need to implement the units, including curriculum resources and materials to complete the hands-on activities.

Pitsco Education - K-2 STEM Units - STEM Unit Titles

STEM Unit Titles

Providing K-2 students with a STEM experience in which all four subjects are integrated and presented in a real-world manner is the central objective of all our titles. This program focuses on students’ taking concepts and applying their knowledge to solve an age-appropriate engineering-related challenge.

Our STEM Units are intended to supplement existing curriculum. There are no prerequisites, and units can be completed in any order desired.

Each unit serves 24 students, but 4-student add-ons and consumables are available. Seven total units can be implemented individually or grouped into the following themes:


The Structures Theme introduces K-2 students to various elements and uses of structures. Children learn about the role of structures in technology and engineering and apply concepts of structures across life science, physical science, math, and language arts.


The Air Theme introduces students to the importance of air and how air is used by living and nonliving things. Children learn about the role of air in technology and engineering and apply concepts across life science, Earth science, physical science, and math.

Pitsco Education - K-2 STEM Units - Standards Alignments

Standards Alignments

All K-2 Elementary STEM Units are correlated to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for mathematics and English language arts. Standards correlations are included in each teacher’s guide.

You can download a sample of the standards correlations for one of our Grades K-2 Elementary STEM Units below.

Pitsco Education - K-2 STEM Units - Authentic Formal Assessments

Authentic and Formal Assessments

Student performance, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities are assessed through their demonstration of meaningful application of knowledge and skills within each unit.

Formal assessment is provided in the form of a multiple-choice pretest and posttest within the unit guides for each STEM Unit.

Pitsco Education - K-2 STEM Units - Classroom Success

Classroom Success

When it comes to summer school, getting students to attend and engage can be a daunting task. The Santa Maria-Bonita School District, with a population of migrant students hovering around 75 percent, took steps to combat the summer school blahs by integrating Pitsco STEM Units for elementary and middle school.

Read how the hands-on nature of our STEM Units is boosting program attendance while delivering an enjoyable, academically rich, and ESL-friendly experience.

“If I could have a STEM lab for every classroom in our school, this probably would be the best school in the United States because I see how our students are engaged in our Pitsco lab.”

– Jeff Torrence, principal, Honeysuckle Middle School, Dothan, Alabama

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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