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Pea Ridge Exploration of Pathways

Published November 26, 2018

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Pea Ridge Exploration of Pathways (PREP) is a hands-on K-8 STEM initiative that introduces and cultivates employability skills and leads into the district’s eight high school career pathways: Agriculture/Animal Science, Culinary Arts/Food Science, Education, Health Care, Industrial Technology, Logistics/Marketing, Manufacturing/Plastic & Metal Fabrication, and Robotics/Coding/Computer Science.


  • STEM Units
    • Exploring Air
    • Exploring Flight
    • Exploring Heated Air
    • Exploring Packages
    • Exploring Structures for Animals
    • Exploring Structures in Literature
    • Exploring Transportation
  • KUBO robotics/coding


  • STREAM Missions
    • Adaptations and Survival
    • Amazing Body
    • Being Healthy
    • Body at Work
    • Design and Solutions
    • Earth Processes
    • Ecology, Electricity
    • Ecosystems
    • Energy
    • Energy and Work
    • Engineering Structures
    • Environment and Climate
    • Extreme Earth
    • Forces
    • Fossils and Survival
    • Limited Resources
    • Magnetism
    • Matter
    • Matter Properties
    • Motion
    • Motion and Force
    • Plants
    • Science Inquiry
    • Science Skills
    • Scientific Discovery
    • Seasons and Weather
    • Simple Machines
    • Skyscrapers
    • Solar System
    • Space Exploration
    • Structure and Function
    • Technology and Design
    • Transportation and Power
    • Under the Microscope
    • Waves


  • STEM Units
    • 3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering
    • 3-D Printing: Design Solutions
    • Green Machines
    • High-Flying Rockets
    • TETRIX® Manufacturing
  • STEM Expeditions®
    • A Closer Look
    • Ahead of the Game
    • Artificial Ecosystems
    • Bio Research
    • Communications
    • Cultivating Our Future
    • Dragster Design
    • Dynamic Disasters
    • Electric Tech
    • Everyday Electricity
    • Fueling the Future
    • Future Footprints
    • Growing Up
    • Looks Like Rain
    • Making Waves
    • Mining Mechanics
    • Optical Solutions
    • Projecting Light
    • Rolling Robots
    • Safe Food
    • Taking Control
    • Thermal Physics
    • Tower Power

“We need to make learning more exciting. And any time you can have a hands-on environment you will get better results. I’ve been in a lot of our schools to see it, and the kids are actually excited to be there. You go into somebody’s math or science class and they might not be as engaged.”

– James Tager, deputy superintendent for Instructional Services, Volusia County, Florida

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