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World Robot Olympiad

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Featured Videos

Designing for the WRO Tetrastack 2017
Get tips for beating the new WRO ARC game: Tetrastack! Based off the classic TETRIS® game, this game will test advanced robotics teams to the limit. But RoboBench's Tim Lankford provides some tips for designing the best robot possible for this challenge.
Date Added 5/05/2017
Designing a Robot Gripper
Grippers are a common end effector in robotics, but they can be a challenge to design. Watch as our robot specialist discusses the keys for creating a functional and efficient gripper for your robot.
Date Added 1/07/2016
Learning to Use the Worm Gear
TETRIX ® Worm Gears are specialty parts, but they’re one you’ll want to have. They are helpful when creating lift arms, grippers, and other robotic subassemblies. Watch to learn about these gears and to see tips for using them.
Date Added 4/14/2016
Applying the Rack and Pinion Linear Slide
The TETRIX ® Rack & Pinion Linear Slide Pack, which is compatible with MAX or PRIME robots, is a flexible pack that enables builders to create robots that need to convert rotational motion to linear motion for various reasons. RoboBench Host Tim Lankford demonstrates how to use this part to its fullest potential.
Date Added 4/09/2015

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A truly global competition dedicated to science, technology, and education

Much like an Olympics for robotics, World Robot Olympiad brings together young people from all over the world to develop their creativity, design, and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robot competitions. With 36 participating countries and more than 15,000 teams across four competition levels, WRO is a global force focused on developing the skills needed for students to be future innovators and leaders. Pitsco Education is a proud sponsor of the Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC), an open competition for students ages 17-25.