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Blue-Bot® and TacTile Code Reader

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The perfect pair for a great programming experience! This set includes a Blue-Bot® Programmable Robot and a TacTile Code Reader.

Blue-Bot is a great resource to start learning coding and developing future-ready skills for our digital world, including understanding what algorithms are, creating and debugging simple programs, and using logical reasoning to predict the behavior of simple programs.

The Blue-Bot has a clear shell, so children can see the components inside – a fun way to view one part of the process! It’s Bluetooth enabled, which allows for multiple ways to program it – using the buttons on the top of the robot for simple, effective experience or using the TacTile Code Reader to get a tangible feel for programming.

There is also an option to use the free, downloadable software on a computer or with the free iOS/Android app on a tablet.

Download the user guides and lesson guides to walk you through getting started and enhancing the hands-on learning experiences.

Blue-Bot and the TacTile Code Reader are both rechargeable; charging cord is included.


Type: Materials and Supplies Grades: K-2





  • Brand: TTS

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