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Arduino Explore IoT Kit Rev 2

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With the Arduino Explore IoT Kit Rev 2, advanced high school and college students can create their own connected devices quickly and easily. Students will learn how to build Internet-connected objects using the included getting started guide, foundational knowledge lessons and activities, and one real-world project.

Use the Explore IoT Kit Rev 2 to teach students to innovate, investigate, and explore with connected devices that use sensors, automation, protocols, and graphing to collect data they can analyze and learn from. Students will also learn to control objects remotely using a digital dashboard called Arduino IoT Cloud, which stores and displays real-time data through an intuitive plug-and-play connection that simplifies their projects.

The included project enables students to investigate and solve a real-world challenge linked to one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Students will learn by doing as they construct fully functional solutions and build meaningful applications. Students are equipped with scientific and design thinking methodologies as they study a sustainability issue using data analysis and build solutions using advanced IoT systems.

The project takes 15 to 25 hours to complete and contains five modules, which can be completed in an order that makes sense for your classroom. Ideally, students should have worked previously with sensor technologies and have good programming skills before beginning work on the projects. However, the kit also includes additional technical activities and lessons for beginners.

The Explore IoT Kit Rev 2 includes an Arduino board (MKR Wi-Fi 1010), the MKR IoT Carrier Rev 2, and a collection of sensors and actuators. The MKR IoT Carrier Rev 2, developed specially for this kit, helps students focus more on software and testing by making it easier to build circuits. The device is an extension of the Arduino board and makes wiring and troubleshooting easier, so students can focus on prototyping their ideas and programming. Students can simply connect their MKR IoT Carrier devices to their computers and then they’re ready to go!

Full Content – Sold Separately

For access to the full content, subscribe to the Arduino Cloud for Schools Plan, which includes:

  • More lessons and nine more projects to boost students’ creativity and innovation
  • Unlimited storage and compilation time for all your students’ sketches
  • Dashboards that visualize without any restrictions
  • Exclusive guides on coding and using the hardware
  • Easy-to-use classroom management tools
  • Enhanced collaboration and easy troubleshooting with Google Classroom integration


Type: Project Kits Grades: 9-12


What You'll Get

  • Getting started guide
  • 1 real-world project
  • Foundational knowledge lessons and activities
  • Arduino MKR1010
  • MKR IoT Carrier designed for this kit, includes
    • Two 24 V relays
    • SD card holder
    • Five tactile buttons
    • Plug-and-play Grove connectors for different external sensors
    • Temperature sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Pressure sensor
    • Gas sensor (VOC)
    • Ambient light sensor
    • RGB color sensor
    • Gesture sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • RGB 1.20" rounded display
    • 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery holder
    • Five RGB LEDs
    • Buzzer
  • Micro USB cable
  • Moisture sensor
  • PIR sensor
  • Plug-and-play cables for the external sensors
  • Plastic enclosure to attach and protect the hardware