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Arch Structures Elementary STEM Unit (Grades 3-5)

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Elementary STEM Units include cross-curricular activities and experiments that teach concepts in math, science, technology, and language arts. In today’s classroom, flexibility is key, and these STEM Units were created to be easily set up and adaptable.

Arch Structures is a two-week Elementary STEM Unit for Grades 3-5 in which students work in teams of two to four to learn about arch structures. Students learn different ways to span gaps and develop creative design skills to construct a model skywalk.

This unit comes with a unit guide, teacher notes, scope and sequence, teacher’s guide, student pages, assessments, and all the materials needed for a class of 24 students.

Have a class of more than 24 students? No problem! Four-student add-on packages are available.

Note: If purchasing all Grades 3-5 Structures units, it is recommended that they be completed sequentially: Bridge Structures, Cantilever Structures, Suspension Structures, and then Arch Structures. The Structures Engineering Challenges Unit can be completed in a stand-alone manner.


Type: Multi-Student STEM Units and Courses Grades: 3-5
SKU: W41815


What You'll Get

  • 24 Finding Out About Structures student books
  • Finding Out About Structures teacher book
  • Arch Structures Unit Guide
  • 50 sheets card grid
  • 100 checkcard sheets
  • 6 packages of modeling clay
  • 12 masking tape rolls (1/2")
  • 12 glue sticks
  • 6 Bridges flash card sets
  • 12 rulers
  • 6 rolls of shroud line string
  • 150 wood square sections
  • 3 Mini Easy Cutters
  • 3 digital scales
  • 12 safety glasses
  • 3 rotating table vises
  • 6 quick-release clamps
  • 6 tape measures
  • 6 hand drills
  • 6 drill bit sets (16 pieces each)
  • 90 glue slugs
  • 3 cool-melt glue guns
  • 3 storage bins with lids


Learning Values

  • Forces
  • Load
  • Habitat
  • Criteria and constraints
  • Design processes
  • Materials science
  • Structures
  • Designing to specifications
  • Scale and structure
  • Teamwork
  • Distribution
  • Logic
  • Accuracy


  • Students Served: 24
  • Length of Unit: 2 weeks
  • Subject Area Focus: Physical science