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Egg-Drop Demo Derby

Level: BeginnerDuration: 2 - 4 class periods
Grade Level: NA Author: Pitsco
Materials: ChallengePak, Egg-Drop Vehicles Teacher’s Guide, Pro Survivor Stopwatch, cushion material (cotton or bubble wrap), ramp, hobby knife, egg, pencil, paper, calculator


Design an egg-drop vehicle that can roll down a ramp.


Create an egg-drop vehicle that rolls down a ramp into a wall and protects the egg from breaking. Determine the average velocity of your car and each car tested by the class.


After you have completed your vehicle, place an egg in the vehicle. Release and time the vehicle as it travels down the track. The time should begin when the car is released and should end when it hits the wall.


Determine and record whether your vehicle successfully protected the egg. Gather and record the times of the vehicles tested by members of your class. Measure the distance the vehicles traveled from release to the wall.


Calculate the average velocity of each vehicle, V = D/T. Calculate and compare the mean, median, and mode of the velocities of the vehicles that failed to protect their eggs and of the vehicles that successfully protected their eggs. Determine and use appropriate intervals when calculating the mode.


Did the vehicles that protected the eggs do so by slowing the descent or cushioning the impact? Explain how your data supports your conclusion.