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Egg Drop Vehicles

Level: BeginnerDuration: 2-4 class periods
Grade Level:  Author: Pitsco
Topics: Materials science, fastening techniques, designing by trial and error, scientific process, general cleanup procedures
Materials: Drop Zone, The Drop Zone Activity Guide, Egg-Drop Vehicles – Getting Started Package


Design and engineer a vehicle to safely carry a raw egg from a vertical drop of 15 feet as slowly as possible.


This competition is everything it's cracked up to be! Students love the challenge of designing and building a vehicle that safely carries an egg from a vertical drop of 10 feet – or more!


  1. The vehicle must remain intact. For example, no parts can fall or break off during flight or impact.
  2. The vehicle must have a mass of less than 100 g and must fit in a cube 12 inches on each side.
  3. Any types of common adhesives may be used.
  4. The vehicle must have a 3-inch string securely attached to it to hold the vehicle before dropping it.
  5. The vehicle must be designed to allow a raw egg to be easily inserted and removed from the vehicle. "Easily" will be defined by the teacher.


  • Vary the dropping height of the vehicles.
  • Use the fastest time for the winner.
  • Limit the materials that can be used (i.e. provide a box of straws, string, foam, and so forth).


  1. Each vehicle will be inspected to determine compliance with the rules.
  2. The mass of each vehicle (without the egg) will be recorded.
  3. The vehicle will be released so that the bottom portion of the vehicle (when held by the string) is 15 feet directly above the center of the Drop Zone landing pad.
  4. The vehicle will then be dropped, and the descent time recorded.
  5. The vehicle must hit the Drop Zone landing pad to have a qualifying drop.
  6. Each vehicle may have two chances to qualify. The better (slower) of the two times will be used.
  7. The winner of the competition will be the vehicle with the longest qualifying descent time.
  8. In the event of a tie, the lightest vehicle will be the winner.