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Think you know the Pitsco catalog?

Code Cube™, IoT, drones – don't be surprised at what you find in 2020 Big Book

Published January 13, 2020

PITTSBURG, KS (January 13, 2020) – Think you know Pitsco? Think again. As we start a new decade, Pitsco Education continues to facilitate hands-on success in the classroom, but maybe in ways you never before considered! Among our brand-new products featured in Pitsco's 2020 Big Book catalog:

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  • Coding is front and center in the catalog, and we think it should be the highlight in your classroom as well. Pitsco is proud to offer its first codable wearable, Code Cube™, to the upper elementary market. Code Cube is designed to teach potentially intimidating coding concepts in a no-fear environment. Students can be coding in fewer than five minutes! Code Cube also integrates the A in STEAM as it enables students to develop something creative and personalized.
  • The Arduino assortment has expanded once again, this time to include the Internet of Things (IoT) in the mix. The Arduino IoT Starter Kit teaches students in middle school and beyond about using sensors and connected devices, collecting and processing data, and visualizing data to understand its meaning. Other Arduino products include the CTC Go! Motions Expansion Pack and the newest version of the Arduino Engineering Kit, which includes the powerful Arduino Nano 33 IoT, the newest connected board Arduino offers. The Arduino Engineering Kit v2 is the ideal solution for university and advanced students, providing a state-of-the-art, hands-on incorporation of Arduino technology in an educational setting.
  • The new year also signals our first drone-related product launches. Pitsco Education is excited to offer indoor/outdoor drone arenas, drone curriculum, and a drone competition elements package for middle and high school students. The drone arena is available in two sizes, 10' x 10' and 10' x 20', and it is ideal to use outdoors or in a gymnasium, classroom, or school lobby. Keep watch for the release of our drone curriculum in Spring 2020!
  • Is your classroom furniture and storage getting stale? Could your makerspace use a facelift? Outfit your space with the Innovation Workstation and the Maker Space Cart Plus! The Innovation workstation encourages collaboration and ideation in any area. With the furniture's portability and easy storage access, students will be creating in no time! Add in the Maker Space Cart Plus, and your area will be the hub of project inspiration. This new cart is filled with STEM materials, supplies, and equipment to create any type of project. 

Throughout the catalog, you might notice an uptick of QR codes compared to years past. We want to equip you with quick and easy access to information about our products, and the QR codes link to free resources such as video tutorials, sample activities, and complete teacher guides to help you achieve success with your students.

We are here to provide the top hands-on STEM, STEAM, and STREAM solutions! Check out the rest of our new products – and all your longtime favorites – in the 2020 Big Book catalog by downloading it or requesting a mailed copy for your school at Best of luck in 2020!



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“Loved all the personal help and understanding of my situation and the brainstorming to solve my problems.”

– Armando Veloz, STEAM teacher, Rosemary Clarke Middle School, Pahrump, Nevada

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