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Standards-based curriculum packages featured in 2018-2019 Pitsco TETRIX® Robotics catalog

Latest catalog offers multiple hours of TETRIX MAX and PRIME curriculum

Published September 25, 2018

PITTSBURG, KS (September 25, 2018) – With a strong focus on robotics in the classroom, the 2018-2019 Pitsco TETRIX® Robotics catalog features multiple hours of curriculum, including the new TETRIX PRIME and EV3 curriculum as well as the TETRIX PRIME Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack, TETRIX PRIZM® Coding Essentials Curriculum Pack, and TETRIX MAX Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack.

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The new TETRIX PRIME EV3 Module enables users to add programming and sensors to their EV3- and TETRIX PRIME-controlled robots. By combining PRIME and EV3, students can now create robots that are bigger, stronger, and better connected to real-world applications.

The TETRIX PRIME and EV3 Curriculum Pack enables teachers to integrate the TETRIX PRIME building system and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 into a robust program that includes up to 70 hours in classroom lessons. This pack includes 13 student guides and a teacher guide with middle school NGSS, Common Core Math and Language Arts, Skills for 21st Century, and ITEEA correlations.

Another addition to the TETRIX PRIME curriculum offering is the TETRIX PRIME Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack. This pack is designed to assist teachers in guiding their students into problem-solving situations within the realm of engineering design and robotics. The curriculum pack includes up to 45 hours of standards-based lessons.

TETRIX MAX, designed for high school and beyond, also has some robust curriculum offerings. The TETRIX PRIZM Coding Essentials Curriculum Pack is designed to be used with the TETRIX MAX Programmable and Dual-Control Robotics Sets and the PRIZM controller. The pack enables teachers to deliver hands-on and engaging robotics that allows students to take part in challenging engineering and coding activities. The lesson plans include more than 60 hours of standards-based curriculum. 

Engineering teachers can amp up their classrooms with the TETRIX MAX Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack, which takes students' ingenuity and creativity and applies it to the field of robotics, helping students explore engineering, simple machines, torque, and power. With more than 35 hours of curriculum to keep them engaged, students will quickly become entrenched in the series of hands-on activities.

More than just a great building system, TETRIX brings real-world engineering and coding into the classroom.




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