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Remember that you can STEM anywhere

Pitsco Education offering 15% discount on purchases through October 31, 2020

Published September 23, 2020

PITTSBURG, KS (September 23, 2020) – For students, educators, and parents, teaching and learning continue to look different and evolve in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the location or format for education this school year, Pitsco Education is working to provide tips, activities, resources, and products to support learning anywhere. We're committed to helping teachers and parents adapt to new ways of teaching and keeping students engaged.

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Learning opportunities are everywhere. And we firmly believe you can STEM anywhere. From a central location on our website, educators can gain access to new resources, including instructions for sanitary considerations. This new guide covers how to keep hands-on learning going while following hygiene guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

Our Ready to Robot solutions include something for everyone:

  • TETRIX® Anywhere: This new resource is designed to provide ideas for learning using the TETRIX building system in multiple learning environments.
    • Code at Home with Video Demo by Teacher: Students who are learning to code robots using TETRIX PRIZM® or PULSE™ have the option to write their code at home in either the Arduino Software (IDE) for TETRIX MAX and PRIME or Ardublockly for TETRIX PRIME.
    • Code Using the Arduino Web Editor: The Arduino Web Editor enables creation of Arduino sketches and saving to the cloud without having to download software.
    • Blended Coding and Robotics: Have students in a blended school environment complete the on-screen coding of their robots while they are learning remotely.
    • Blended Learning Scope and Sequence Documents: In these example scope and sequence documents, all hands-on TETRIX activities are done at school with alternate robotics activities completed remotely.
    • TETRIX Individual Engineering Kits and Build Challenges: By breaking TETRIX sets down to individual building sets without the electronic control elements, students can still engage in hands-on problem-solving.
    • Digitally Delivered Curriculum: For a limited time, Pitsco will be providing in a downloadable digital format any TETRIX curriculum previously purchased in print. Customers should contact the Pitsco Order Support team at 800-835-0686 to validate a past purchase and receive access to a downloadable digital version of the teacher and student guides.
    • Creating 3-D Models of TETRIX Robots in a CAD Software: When it isn't feasible for students to build with TETRIX due to remote, blended, or in-class situations where sets can't be shared, consider having them learn to model TETRIX robots in a 3-D CAD software.
  • TETRIX PRIME Echo Robot: The new TETRIX PRIME Limited Edition Echo Robot Set was created to support remote, blended, and in-class learning. The set uses a limited number of TETRIX PRIME building system structural and connector pieces so students can quickly follow the graphical build steps in the downloadable guide to construct the Echo robot. The included PULSE controller and ultrasonic sensor enable students to dive into block-based programming using the TETRIX Ardublockly software.

And there's more . . .

  • Activities and Activity Starters: Discover select activities that offer some serious learning – and fun! – at home or at school. Also included are some bonus activity ideas and starters to explore concepts or new ideas. Plus, find links to our middle school-targeted publications that have quizzes on the materials, and discover a coding game for elementary learners.
  • Curated Product Groupings: Shop highlighted product groupings for each of the learning environments: at school, remote, blended, and homeschool. A 15% discount on purchases is valid through October 31, 2020!
  • We also know it is important to keep spirits and inspiration up. We've curated extras that include blog posts, coloring pages, a playlist, and encouragement cards for colleagues and students.

Pitsco Education fundamentally believes preparing future-ready students requires hands-on experiences via STEM anywhere.




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“When I saw it, it took me about 20 seconds to buy in. I understood it. It was hands-on science, it was high-tech, it was student responsibility. It was all the skills that we’ve talked about teaching but traditional labs will not allow.”

– Pat Taylor, headmaster, Jackson Academy, Jackson, Mississippi

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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