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Pitsco sells Star Academy program

NOLA Education takes on dropout intervention; Pitsco focuses on STEM, robotics

Published June 4, 2018

PITTSBURG, KS (June 4, 2018) – Fine-tuning its focus on hands-on STEM, robotics, and careers, Pitsco Education has sold its Star Academy program and core math and science curricula to NOLA Education, LLC, of New Orleans, LA. The move is strategic for both companies as they align with their areas of expertise to extend engaging hands-on education opportunities to more students across the country.

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Pitsco's strengths lie in K-9 STEM/STEAM/STREAM education as well as robotics and coding. NOLA is focused on dropout prevention and will continue to sell Pitsco's other proprietary solutions as a dealer in Mississippi and South Carolina.

NOLA Education CEO John Alvendia has sold Pitsco programs for nearly a decade with primary emphasis on spreading the Star Academy dropout intervention solution in several states. NOLA Vice President Robin White-Mussa, formerly of Pitsco, has helped shape and sell the Star Academy program since its inception in 2006.

"We are passionate about serving at-risk learners and are committed to expand through new innovations and services," Alvendia said. "We will continue to service our existing customers while focusing on growth and expansion into new states and markets."

Pitsco President Lisa Paterni said the sale of Star Academy and core math and science products enables Pitsco to direct more attention to project-based learning solutions that are experiential while imparting foundational career skills as well as transferable soft skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

"We are investing in long-term growth around our areas of expertise. At the same time, we are reducing complexities to enable employees to better develop STEM-based hands-on products, activities, curriculum, and solutions that help students and teachers succeed," Paterni said. "We know Star Academy will be in good hands with NOLA Education."

Personal attention and industry-leading customer service, long hallmarks of Pitsco Education, will continue to be a focal point for NOLA Education.

"We're working with Pitsco to create a transition process so that the customer is always first," White-Mussa said. "Serving the customer is NOLA's priority. We're committed to classroom success, so we know we have to support teachers in the classroom to make that happen."

Learn more about Pitsco Education at www.pitsco.com and NOLA Education at www.staracademyprogram.info.


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