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'Not a competition, it's a collaboration'

Neighboring Texas superintendents share best practices, including STEM

Published April 23, 2019

SWEENY, TX (April 23, 2019) –Collaboration. It's one of those 4Cs – along with communication, creativity, and critical thinking – the skills students will need when they enter the workforce this year, in 2030, or beyond. A pair of superintendents in southeast Texas are leading by example, modeling collaboration at the highest level and sending a clear message that everyone in their school districts should do the same.

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"In the end, what you get is a greater result for students, and you get this unparalleled learning experience for not only the kids of Sweeny but also for the kids of Brazosport ISD." – Dr. Tory Hill, Sweeny (TX) ISD

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Sweeny ISD Superintendent Dr. Tory C. Hill and Brazosport ISD Superintendent Danny Massey have discovered they can accomplish more for their districts and for the burgeoning petrochemical industry in their backyards if they share best practices and big ideas.

"I'm a firm believer in collaboration from a professional perspective and also in continual professional learning," Hill said. "So, it's very nice and refreshing to collaborate with Mr. Massey. Our routine conversations stem from 'Hey, what are you working on? How's it going?' to 'What's the next phase of what you're doing?'"

With petrochemical giants Phillips 66, Chevron, and Dow increasing their economic footprint in the region and creating new jobs, these innovative superintendents have established Pitsco Education STREAM Missions labs in elementary schools to instill a new mind-set, skill set, and tool set that will equip young learners to handle even more challenging STEM opportunities in middle school and high school.

Hill was the first to implement Pitsco's STREAM Missions program, and he quickly shared with Massey details of the innovative design that resonates in particular with Generation Z students who thrive in naturally engaging multimodal deliveries that feature hands-on activities.

"In the end, what you get is a greater result for students, and you get this unparalleled learning experience for not only the kids of Sweeny but also for the kids of Brazosport ISD," Hill said. "Our partnership is critical for us continuing to prepare our students to create the future. And it's definitely not a competition, it's a collaboration."

Massey concurs and notes that their common concern of providing a well-prepared future workforce within their region is reason enough to share notes and best practices. "We have to make certain as public schools that our students are receiving a quality education with outstanding learning experiences," Massey explained. "Business will support school districts when there is evidence of student success. It is our responsibility to ensure our students are ready for their futures."



Pitsco Education is the leading provider of hands-on K-12 STEM solutions. STEM education prepares learners for the future through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts using relevant hands-on applications to connect school, community, and work. Our various products, activities, curriculum, and solutions promote positive learning experiences and continued classroom success.

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“I wanted [Missions] because I know how impactful STEM can be for the entire school, the entire school culture. I’m all about the whole child. It’s not just about reading or writing or math. It’s about every child has some talent somewhere; you just have to find it.”

– Jay Parker, principal, Wallace Elementary School, Wallace, North Carolina

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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