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EZ Track Raceway from Pitsco Education

Lightweight, easy to assemble, and it works with various vehicles and race systems

Published May 18, 2018

PITTSBURG, KS (May 18, 2018) – For decades, Pitsco Education has created STEM-focused, hands-on vehicle kits and top-notch race systems. A new addition to the lineup is the EZ Track Raceway for quick and easy setup inside and outside the classroom.

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The EZ Track Raceway is a dual-lane setup that comes with 20 sections, each one meter in length. The sections are made of high-strength PVC plastic and easily slide together into joints that slightly elevate the track. The 20 sections can be used to create a dual-lane setup with 10-meter lanes or one long lane of 20 meters.

The track is designed with ease of use and versatility in mind. Students can race dragsters, mousetrap vehicles, bottle racers, solar cars, and more down the track.

"We wanted to create something that could easily be set up, used, and taken apart all within the same class period," said Pitsco Education Research and Development Manager Paul Uttley. "We also designed the raceway to be system agnostic so it could be used to race with all different kinds of vehicles and start-finish race systems."

The EZ Track Raceway works with many Pitsco race systems including the Impulse G3 Race System, EZ Start Raceway, AP Bottle Racer Launcher, Dual Lane Race Timer, and more. All students have to do is align the race system with the EZ Track surface. The EZ Track also comes with monofilament line and built-in hooks on the joints to accommodate vehicles and race systems that use a line to keep the vehicles on track.

Additional EZ Track sections can be purchased separately. One pack comes with 10 sections of track to build even longer racing lanes.

When racing is finished, the EZ Track can be disassembled and stored within minutes. The track sections stack neatly on top of each other to minimize clutter and improve storage capacity. The EZ Track Raceway brings ease of use and versatility to classroom racing. Visit Pitsco.com today and learn more about your racing options.




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