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Meet the NEW Pitsco.com

Pitsco Education unveils fresh, mobile-responsive website

Published December 14, 2017

PITTSBURG, KS (December 14, 2017) – Pitsco Education has unveiled its new mobile-responsive website. Pitsco.com underwent a major overhaul and looks markedly different from the former iteration. It has been designed to meet the needs of on-the-go educators with all levels of familiarity with STEM and the brand's products, activities, curriculum, and solutions. It offers a fresh flavor, and most importantly, it is easier to navigate and even easier to shop.

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The website has imagery from Pitsco product-using and supported classrooms from around the country. Educator and customer testimonials have been infused throughout the site's pages to offer a real-user voice to their experiences and the products.

The site supports the company that customers and the education community have known and loved since 1971. "Pitsco's commitment to customer service is still paramount and is ever more present in a visitor's web experience," explained Senior Digital Marketing Manager Pamela Scifers. "These adjustments are designed as a complement to what has already been developed and to emphasize the value Pitsco places on relationships with teachers, students, and schools – it is a resource at the ready whenever needed."

There are four main sections to explore.


Thousands of products are just a click away in the Shop. It's been categorized to help customers find what they are looking for faster, while also providing more product-specific resources. The checkout process has also been improved.

Our Programs

Pitsco began as a catalog company, but it has always been more than products. "We have curriculum offerings and full-scale implementations for single classrooms, whole schools, and entire districts," said Scifers. "And we've provided this type of offering for years. We've just never had such a robust web presence for our programs, sharing rich details about them as we do now on the site."

Experience Pitsco

Looking for resources such as videos, sample teacher guides, or marketing material? Or testimonies from current and past customers and students? Perhaps a copy of the most recent newsletter or the schedule of upcoming events and workshops Pitsco will be attending? It's all here in the Experience Pitsco section, which also contains the application for the monthly Pitsco grant.

About Us

Pitsco is a company for educators, by educators, and there's no better place to get to know it than in the About Us section. Learn how and why the company operates. Check out the latest Pitsco news. Meet the Pitsco leadership team.

Visit www.pitsco.com today for a whole new experience.


Pitsco Education is the leading provider of hands-on K-12 STEM solutions. STEM Education prepares learners for the future through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts using relevant hands-on applications to connect school, community, and work. Our various products, activities, curriculum, and solutions promote positive learning experiences and continued classroom success.


“We need to make learning more exciting. And any time you can have a hands-on environment you will get better results. I’ve been in a lot of our schools to see it, and the kids are actually excited to be there. You go into somebody’s math or science class and they might not be as engaged.”

– James Tager, deputy superintendent for Instructional Services, Volusia County, Florida

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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