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Thinking and serving differently: Plugged in, tuned in, and partnered up

Published February 16, 2020

Digital Space

By Jessica Born, Digital Marketing Manager

Thinking differently and serving differently are at the core of The Pitsco Way. Since the beginning, we’ve been looking for ways to disrupt the status quo and support educators and your work to help every learner experience success in the classroom and beyond. Technological advancements, including the way we connect to information and each other has played a role in how we continue to assist in your efforts and continue to meet expectations and expand your options.


The integration and utilization of the Internet and technology in education is ever-expanding. Gone are the days when sources of information were limited. The ability to google a question, problem, or anything in between has opened up the walls of the classroom. The vast amount of information at our fingertips is astounding and exciting.

Our site, Pitsco.com, is positioned to help you explore and shop products and solutions, and, even more importantly, to help you connect to resources such as guides, activities, downloads, and videos that can help you and your students with hands-on, minds-on experiences.

Our blog, blog.pitsco.com, is a source for reading about educator success and experiences; staying abreast of new products; providing new ideas to try in your camp, classroom, or competition; and explaining the STEM behind trending and pop culture topics.


How many videos have you watched today? Odds are, you’ve watched at least one (and likely more). Maybe you were seeking an answer on how something works, catching up on a quick bit of news, or watching a promotional video for a product you might like to try. Perhaps you’ve even watched a video or two from our Video Gallery (video.pitsco.com).

Did you know that Pitsco has had a dedicated video studio on our campus since about the early 1990s? Crazy and true! We’ve been producing video aides since then to support our curriculum. Our long-loved Modules system incorporated video, and our present-day, robust, interactive STREAM Missions and Expeditions are delivered via an online proprietary system called Synergy and utilize video to enhance the student comprehension and experience.

Our regularly released robotics tutorials and tips series, RoboBench, has assisted classroom builders and competitive teams since 2014. Last year, we released RoboByte, a shorter, more part-centric series to help TETRIX® Robotics users learn more about a particular component quickly.


We’ve written several pieces in the Network about how you could incorporate social media into your classroom and instruction. Social platforms can provide a multitude of new learning opportunities including going on virtual field trips, plugging into podcasts and broadcasts from famous speakers or leaders of industry, meeting and learning with students in another state or country through video chat or messaging, or researching topics and collaborating on projects.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn because that’s where YOU are. We want to connect with you as well as share promotions and inspiration with you. But, our very favorite part of social media is seeing you share what you’re doing in your spaces AND seeing you be inspired and inspire other educators with the amazing things happening. The friendships and the enthusiasm sparked on social is what it’s all about. Want to see what we’re talking about? Pop over to Twitter and check out Chris (@DailySTEM), Joe (@joeslifka), Tim (@mrvesco), Natalie (@oneal_nat), or Jorge (@JorgeDoesPBL), or hop on Instagram to see what Natasha or Clair at VivifySTEM are up to. The empowering effect of social is hard to deny.


And just like technology, sometimes plugging into something new or different makes something even better. We’ve long been a company focused on curating, manufacturing, and supplying products and solutions that empower and support your efforts to bring hands-on, minds-on education to your students and classroom. As part of that desire to expand your options, we added many great partners to our lineup in 2019.

All our partners share the same enthusiasm we do for making learning impactful and fun and share the same level of innovation and service that are hallmarks of our work with you. And they’ve brought along some seriously cool tech. As a quick recap:

  • Arduino Education brought three new kits to the table for all levels of experience, including the starter kit, the CTC 101 kit, and the engineering kit – each designed to build computational, creative-thinking, and engineering skills.
  • KUBO Robotics expanded the elementary space (K-5) with their groundbreaking screen-free, hands-on robot and robust assortment of TagTiles® that have students coding in no time.
  • Microduino added STEM MIX Kit Series 1-4. This is a powerful learning system that progressively teaches elementary and middle school students in Grades 4-9 about electronic circuitry, coding, and product design.
  • Shape Robotics brings Fable, a modular construction set, to the Grades 6-12 space; students can use Fable to create their own robot in just a few minutes and then dive into coding. Depending upon students’ experience level, Fable can be coded using Blockly, a visual programming language, or Python®, a text-based language.
  • SmartGurlz™ partnered with us to cocreate the newly released Smart Buddies™. Together, we’re working to change the traditionally portrayed view of what makes a scientist, programmer, or engineer – among other STEM fields – so more children can relate to and visualize themselves in a STEM career. With a focus on storytelling, this coding solution leverages the Smart Buddies app where students are first introduced to their buddies – different role models who have interests in science, engineering, and the arts. Students are then exposed to the basics of block-based coding by controlling the movements of their characters on their Siggys in order to resolve a series of story-related challenges.
  • UBTECH Education UKITs offer three levels of hands-on building and programming for students in Grades 3-12. Each kit has a building system and either a control box (i.e., a robot brain) or an Arduino-compatible component that lets students build their own controllers. Plus, students are guided through each activity with a free, easy-to-use app designed for iOS and Android devices.
  • Outside of the product sphere, working with innovative companies such as Enable Education has helped us enhance the delivery of our full-scale Missions and Expeditions programs.

While everything continues to change (sometimes at warp speed), we remain steadfast in our goal to think and serve differently. We can’t wait to see where this new decade takes Pitsco and you.

“She walked in, and he was at the workstation dissecting owl pellets. The lady looks at me and says, ‘That’s my kid who’s been kicked out of three schools. What’s he doing?’ Well, he’s dissecting owl pellets, he’s learning. She was like, ‘How did you get him to do it?’ We didn’t get him to do that. It’s a self-engaging program, and the teacher is just facilitating. It’s pretty cool to see that.”

– Jerry Lager, superintendent, Ki Charter, San Marcos, Texas

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