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After-school, in-school, and summer classes and camps

Hands-on experiences can ease SEL toll by exciting students and igniting passion

Published June 4, 2021

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For 50 years, we’ve been committed to providing schools, districts, and states with hands-on in-school, after-school, and summer program solutions that develop future-ready skills while fostering a joy of teaching and a love of learning. This year, we have the unique challenge of supporting the administrators, teachers, mentors, and friends in education who are tasked with meeting students where they are, accelerating their learning, and easing the social-emotional toll that has occurred as a result of the pandemic.

One thing we know for sure: what is coming is better than what has gone, and this summer marks the start of the journey to create something new – something bigger, better, brighter – for all learners, big and small.

We are a hands-on STEM company, but for us, STEM is not just about science. Or technology. Or engineering. Or math. It’s more than the core subject matter. It’s not all hard skills and knowledge acquisition; it’s also those moments of education that make a child world ready.

Our solutions span pre-K through Grade 12, meaning we can aid students along their entire education journey. Exciting topics such as coding and drones create an appetite for learning. Standards-aligned curriculum and activity guides ensure students engage with academic content. Ultimately, we aim to provide students with deeper educational experiences that are rigorous and equitable, setting them up for future success no matter their path.

To help get educators started, we’ve created a digital guide (Yay! No downloads necessary!) that shows how our hands-on programs not only stem learning loss but also work by exciting the mind and igniting student passion.

Together, we can provide ALL students learning experiences that praise their resiliency, nurture their growth, and build upon the knowledge and skills needed to start the journey toward a brighter future.

“We need to make learning more exciting. And any time you can have a hands-on environment you will get better results. I’ve been in a lot of our schools to see it, and the kids are actually excited to be there. You go into somebody’s math or science class and they might not be as engaged.”

– James Tager, deputy superintendent for Instructional Services, Volusia County, Florida

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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