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K-5: launch, explore, code, and build

Sample these best-selling STEM activities, and your students will ask for more

Published March 4, 2021

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Pitsco Education has been leading education for 50 years, and that now includes providing solutions for our earliest learners in Grades K-5. Curious how we’ve been successful for half a century? Read on, and you’ll soon understand! Here we highlight our most popular STEM and coding products from Pitsco’s Big Book catalog and give you a glimpse at how they help students get STEM-started!


Introducing rocketry to students has never been this easy or this fun! Pitsco’s straw rockets fit in any K-5 classroom, remote-learning, or hybrid environment. From the Getting Started package that includes all needed materials to a Straw Rocket Launcher or the Mini Straw Rocket Launcher, we have options for all environments. Students create their rockets using mylar straws, index cards, and clay. Then, it’s time to launch! A class of students can rotate launching their rockets using the Straw Rocket Launcher, whereas students learning at home can utilize the Mini Straw Rocket Launcher and practice launching in their workspace. Interested in extended learning or add-on activities? Access the FREE download of our Straw Rocket Elementary STEM Activity Guide or the Rad Rockets template to continue the fun.

“The straw rockets are one of my students’ favorite activities. They absolutely love designing, building, and testing their rockets. Using straw rockets provides an excellent opportunity to integrate STEM skills into your curriculum.
– Joan Gillman, former teacher


Looking for ways to bring fun hands-on activities to your classroom or home? With the STEM Explorer Pack, you can watch your kids thrive while learning in any environment – at a summer camp, at home, or in an after-school program. Each box includes hands-on materials and curriculum with step-by step instructions for children to build exciting projects and complete 15 challenges and activities. All activities are completely hands on and will have your learners engaged for hours as they create, explore, invent, and, most importantly, have fun! The STEM Explorer Pack was uniquely designed for learners in Grades K-5 and features activities across science, technology, engineering, and math that also incorporate reading, art, and more. The STEM Explorer Pack is now available in both English and Spanish. Ready to take the activities to the next level? Access the FREE download of the STEM Explorer Pack Teacher’s Guide and dive deeper into STEM concepts!


Now, students can learn coding with wearable tech. Pitsco is proud to offer our very first codable wearable, Code Cube™, to the upper-elementary market. Code Cube is designed to teach potentially intimidating coding concepts in a no-fear environment. Students can be coding in fewer than five minutes! Code Cube integrates the A in STEAM as it enables students to develop something creative and personalized – and appeals to all students! Best of all, Code Cube can be integrated into any learning environment, so now students can code any place, in any space. An economical solution, it comes as a single unit or in a 10-pack. Paired with the free downloads including the teacher’s guide, student worksheets, and at-home activities, Code Cube offers a comprehensive coding solution for elementary students. Need assistance getting started with Code Cube? Try our recently launched e-learning course (see related article) that offers educators a deep dive into the Code Cube hardware, block-based programming app, and how to use the lessons provided in the teacher’s guide.

“Young learners benefit from the quality of Pitsco products. The straw structure activity allows them to question, explore, wonder, create, and investigate while learning.
– Rena Mincks, first-grade teacher


When’s the last time you or your students made an octahedron? Or maybe a dodecahedron? Well, now’s your chance. Show students how geometry can be hands on and fun with Pitsco’s straw structures. Paper straws coupled with pipe cleaners and some creativity can take a polyhedron to the next level. A great classroom solution, the Straw Structures – Getting Started Package provides materials for 30 students to create their own shapes along with a colorful poster that outlines different polyhedrons, from a tetrahedron to icosahedron. Ready to get started? Download the free Straw Structures Elementary STEM Activity Guide for Grades 3-5 and start construction in a snap! Have remote or hybrid learners? Send a Try This: Straw Structure Kit with them to continue learning in any environment!


Take students back in time with medieval machines and utilize STEM concepts at the same time. Students learn about force and motion, projectiles, and historical perspectives when they build the EZ Catapult and EZ Trebuchet. The kits are true to their name – they are easy to build so students can start the testing in no time! Both activities are paired with a FREE download of their respective Elementary STEM Activity Guide for continued learning and are offered as a single kit perfect for remote or at-home learning or in a class pack of 30 to serve an entire classroom.


Now that we’ve given you a taste of our elementary offerings, you might want more! Visit us online to request a catalog today or learn more about our early elementary products at Pitsco.com/Shop.

“I've always been a proponent of what I call student-centered learning. If the students are doing, they will learn it. If the teacher is doing, the kids are watching. . . . It has to be in the kids' hands.”

– Julie Riedel, principal, Somerset Intermediate School, Somerset, Texas

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