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Workforce education

New Florida law requires career education and planning at the middle level

Published November 27, 2019

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – A new Florida education law calls for much more than expanded high school and postsecondary vocational and technical training opportunities. The Workforce Education law (House Bill 7071) promotes career education and readiness opportunities for all public school students, including the requirement of middle-level career education and planning courses.

Though primarily focused on establishing the Career and Technical Education pathway as an alternative route for students to earn a high school diploma, the Workforce Education law, passed with unanimous support, requires that students be made aware of their career options through exploration during Grades 6-8. Not specified in the law but already underway in progressive Florida school districts, students as young as elementary school age are gaining career exposure and hands-on experiences via robotics, coding, and STEM/STEAM/STREAM materials and programs.

What does this emphasis on career education mean? The surest way to prepare students for a smooth transition into the local skilled workforce upon high school graduation is to implement vertically aligned pre-K-12 career and STEM-based programs and experiences.

Career readiness is students not only learning specific skills and concepts but also learning how to learn and be adaptive in an ever-changing and technologically advancing workforce. Pitsco Education has nearly half a century of experience developing hands-on, minds-on robotics, coding, and STEM materials and programs that foster development of transferable soft skills and work-ready skills. Read on to learn how Pitsco’s career-connected solutions are making a difference in Florida, across the US, and abroad.

“I love all of the hands-on activities! The enthusiasm from all of the presenters was wonderful. I enjoyed the hands-on activities and the incorporation of ELA into each lesson . . . real life!”

– Fifth-grade teacher, Grand Prairie ISD, Frontiers of Flight event

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