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STEM lab serves a wide range of abilities

Published April 15, 2019

Additional El Centro, CA, article:

Most schools grapple with how to best meet the many needs that a diverse learning population presents. Though no two students are ever exactly alike in learning style and ability, solutions must be found that work across the spectrum of students. One tremendous benefit of the exploratory, student-driven approach to STEM used in Pitsco’s labs is that the curriculum is effective for a wide range of learners.

It is not uncommon in schools for special needs students to experience a wholly different track than the rest of the student population. However, the Missions lab at Washington Elementary in El Centro, California, challenges this approach.

El Centro’s Senior Director of Educational Services Linda Morse explains, “Our special education students are mainstreamed into the classroom in the lab. They participate and they don’t stand out. . . . They are just as excited and engaged as any other students.”

This point was driven home recently when a board member visited the lab at Washington. He watched the students working in groups at their individual stations. The board member didn’t realize until later, when he was told, that he had witnessed a group of special education students in the lab.

Truly, STEM is for all students.

“When I saw it, it took me about 20 seconds to buy in. I understood it. It was hands-on science, it was high-tech, it was student responsibility. It was all the skills that we’ve talked about teaching but traditional labs will not allow.”

– Pat Taylor, headmaster, Jackson Academy, Jackson, Mississippi

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