Activities in Grades 6-8 in Technology

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Try this low-calorie approach to solar energy! This package has enough materials for 30 students to build a SunZoon Lite Solar Car, plus it has the SunZoon Lite video.


Explore lessons in teamwork, robotics, hydraulics, and simple machines with this convenient package. It brings together everything needed for your classroom of 20 to 40 students working in teams of two or four to get a grip on the hydraulic robot arm activity.

Students work together to build the robotic arm and then demonstrate some serious teamwork to operate its hydraulic controls.


The TETRIX® PRIME Getting Started Package offers the ultimate robotics experience. Teams of two work to design fully functioning, remote-controlled robots, with each student pair having access to both a TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Set and a TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set. The included Instructional Build DVD for TETRIX PRIME Robotics and Engineering Design Loop Poster Set provide an added bonus to the builder’s guides.

The Getting Started Package includes:

  • 12 TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Sets each containing:
    • 298 building elements plus Gripper Kit
    • Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller
    • 4 servo motors (2 standard and 2 continuous rotation)
    • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
    • On/off switch and assembly tools
    • Printed setup and builder’s guides along with activity accessories
  • 12 TETRIX PRIME Expansion Sets each containing:
    • 539 total building elements
    • 1 standard servo motor
    • Assembly tools
    • Printed builder’s guide
  • Engineering Design Loop Poster Set
  • Instructional Build DVD for TETRIX PRIME Robotics


If you are looking for a simple but entertaining way to demonstrate potential energy, this Toolbox Racer does the trick. It uses the energy in the measuring tape’s spring to move the racer forward.

Just a few laser-cut parts glue together easily for a quick build. Includes enough kits and tape measures for 30 cars, twine, and the Toolbox Racer video.


Potential energy is a surprising thing. Sometimes, an object as simple as a tape measure can have an unexpected amount of power. With the Toolbox Racer Maker Project, students can tap into the potential energy of tape measures to create a simple race car. The project includes the Toolbox Racer Pack, Toolbox Racer Start Gate, glue, tape measures, duct tape, kite string, and a Toolbox Racer video. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


These bridges have a great amount of shear strength and are sheer fun for your students. The Toothpick Bridge Tester, Dr. Zoon Toothpick Bridges Video, and enough materials for 30 bridges are included.

The Dr. Zoon Toothpick Bridges Video makes reference to the Building Toothpick Bridges book. See the Related Items tab below.


Toothpicks can be used for more than just cleaning teeth. With the Toothpick Bridges Maker Project, students can build bridges out of toothpicks and test them to see how much weight their bridges can hold. The project includes enough materials for a whole class to build bridges such as toothpicks, Structures Glue, empty glue bottles, waxed paper, a Toothpick Bridge Tester, and a Dr. Zoon Toothpick Bridges Video. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


The TowerPak is the most convenient and economical way to introduce an exciting tower activity to your entire class.

The TowerPak supplies your class with the materials it needs for the activity – wood building material (either balsa wood or basswood, your choice), colored Pitsco Structures Glue (the color makes it great for locating and judging joints), 25 tower design grid sheets, and 25 copies of the Student Guide to Model Tower Building. Requires hobby knife or Timber Cutter, foam board, structure pins, and waxed paper, sold separately.

Not intended for use with the EQs Tremor Table.

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Siege machines are a medieval history and physics goldmine. The Trebuchet Maker Project lets students experiment with physics and create their own siege machines. The project includes the Trebuchet 25-Pack, modeling clay, the Trebuchet video, and mass plates. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


You want your students to learn and have a good time in the classroom, and our Trebuchets – Getting Started Package meets both objectives. As students put together their trebuchets, they absorb lessons about inertia, counterweights, friction, and velocity. But they’re also having a great time – not many activities give them an excuse to fling projectiles (the included clay) across the room!


The need for alternative energies has never been more apparent than now. Get students thinking about wind energy concepts through this hands-on activity. The Getting Started package has enough materials for 25 student wind generators and has a WinDynamo III for teacher demonstrations or advanced student explorations.


Hot-air balloons are mesmerizing to watch as they float up into the sky. With the Zoon Balloon Maker Project, students can create their own hot-air balloons and learn about buoyancy, temperature, density, and more. The project includes glue sticks, hot-air balloon templates, assorted color tissue paper, paper clips, a Hot-Air Balloon video, an Indoor Balloon Tester, and an Inflation Station. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization. Propane is required for outdoor launches and is sold separately.


Give your students a lift with hot-air balloons! This Getting Started package has everything needed to get your class started in hot-air balloons, including materials for 30 students to each build their own hot-air balloon, launching equipment, and the Hot-Air Balloon video.


A colorful and carefully researched journey through the history and science of lighter-than-air flight.

Students learn about Archimedes’s principle, the density and lift of gases, atmospheric pressure, gravity, why air is called a fluid, how airships and balloons fly, and more. Includes science activities, classroom discussion questions, and instructions for building six-foot and nine-foot tissue paper hot-air balloons.


The lure of flight is a great hook to get many students interested in and involved with engineering. In Pitsco’s Aeronautical Engineering Teacher’s Guide, hands-on activities set that hook through contextual learning.

These contextual activities provide a wide platform for students to experience the underpinnings of this engineering discipline through STEM concepts.

Student procedures, worksheets, data tables, and other student-oriented materials are reproducible for distribution within your classroom.

The aerospace engineering field is described in a thorough overview, providing students with a range of the work that aeronautical engineers do – things like airplane design and construction, acoustics, aerodynamics, jet-engine design, and much more.

This guide and the activities can be used in a stand-alone fashion or as a supplement to current curriculum, or they can be combined with other Contextual Engineering or Getting Started Guides to formulate a complete engineering curriculum.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the Inflation Station, propane, igniter, Pitsco Foam Wing Cutter, Pitsco Wing Tester, wind meter, thermometer, stopwatch, digital scale, fishing weights, infrared thermometer, Pitsco Sky Eagle Kits, Whitewings 30-Plane Competition Set, modeling clay, CA glue, balsa wood, foam blocks, tissue paper and other materials, and standard classroom tools and materials. Note: This list is for all activities; individual activities don’t require all listed materials.


This well-illustrated book is a primer on packaging design. It includes an introduction to packaging and an overview of the components of packaging design and prototyping. It also includes information and patterns for common shipping, telescoping, decorative, retail, and geometric boxes. Includes a glossary on packaging terminology.

Box-making activities and ideas abound, and there are two box-making competitions (challenges). Includes patterns for more than 15 different box configurations.