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A/C adapter for the SpeedTrac X Personal Radar speed detector.

$20.00 $15.00

High-quality sprocket chain for robotic applications. Fits Servo Sprockets and Plain Bore Sprockets. Use in conjunction with sprockets to provide power where you need it!

Chain can be taken apart at any joint and reassembled to any length! One foot of chain per package.

$9.50 $5.25

Sta-Clear Cleaning Tissues are formulated and treated for cleaning safety glasses and goggles and prevent fogging. No special solution is required – just water.

$19.95 $14.96

Water freezes, melts, and evaporates. It’s no surprise, but do students understand what makes the water move from one state to another? The states of matter are key to everything from water cycles to hot-air balloons. Students learn the subject by exploring the software’s library, laboratory, theater, simulations, and studio. Includes a teacher’s guide.

$69.95 $39.95

Get programmable control while keeping your robot looking clean and tidy.

The TETRIX® Autonomous Mounting Deck features precut holes to make it easy to mount an Arduino or Parallax Basic Stamp programmable controller to a TETRIX robot, as well as the TETRIX DC Motor Speed Controller.

The deck is sized to fit the TETRIX hole pattern spacing so it can be used on a variety of robot designs. Made from 1/8" black acrylic and measures 6.25" x 3.75". Includes screws, nuts, kep nuts, and acrylic spacers for mounting components.

$15.95 $10.95

Featuring fully proportional forward and reverse speed control, this servo enables precise movements of robot designs. Unlike other servos that have a limited range of motion, this servo rotates continuously in either direction – as needed for wheels. This high-quality servo is designed with a wide neutral dead band to eliminate the “creep” that occurs in many other continuous rotation servos. Dual ball bearings on the output shaft ensure long-lasting performance. Note: This servo does not have position feedback.


When you need double the power, this bracket does the trick. Use it to attach two motors side by side. Made of heavy-duty aluminum.

$7.95 $4.95

Used with the Frame Mounting Bracket, the Pivot Bracket creates strong, durable pivot joints while minimizing side load on the servo shaft. Compatible only with TETRIX® Quarter-Scale Servo Frame Mounting Bracket (39383); includes a 3 mm Bearing Pack.

$8.95 $4.95

Each bracket features a pivot bearing. Made of heavy-duty aluminum. Compatible only with TETRIX® Single Standard-Scale Servo Motor Brackets (39060).

$10.95 $4.95

Don’t just drop eggs from heights to see what happens; use math and science to find out! The Bungee Egg Challenge program is an excellent simulation of the design of an egg-drop project. The relevant physics concepts of damping, forces, elasticity, and kinetic and potential energies are described, and tools for interactive exploration of these concepts are provided in the program. After exploring these tools, the students can use their acquired knowledge in the virtual “Egg Drop Lab” where the goal is to avoid a noisy splat! When they have a design that works in the virtual lab, they can build their design and test it to verify that it works. The drop test will challenge their knowledge and lab skills. Lesson and lab plans are included on the CD.

$97.00 $72.75

A teacher’s resource book full of structural engineering activities. Fun, practical activities teach aspiring engineers about structures and scale. Great for introducing students to structures. Projects include building with straws, clay, and toothpicks; constructing paper bridges; building domes; and load-testing structures. Filled with helpful illustrations and photos of kids doing the activities. Includes teacher’s tips, discussion points, and extension options.

$45.95 $34.45

Striking photo images blaze across these posters illustrating the key concepts of weather, matter, space, and sound. From the electrical discharge of lightning to the vibrating system of drum sounds, these posters illuminate fascinating details. Size: 17" x 32".

$39.95 $29.95
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