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Don’t just drop eggs from heights to see what happens; use math and science to find out! The Bungee Egg Challenge program is an excellent simulation of the design of an egg-drop project. The relevant physics concepts of damping, forces, elasticity, and kinetic and potential energies are described, and tools for interactive exploration of these concepts are provided in the program. After exploring these tools, the students can use their acquired knowledge in the virtual “Egg Drop Lab” where the goal is to avoid a noisy splat! When they have a design that works in the virtual lab, they can build their design and test it to verify that it works. The drop test will challenge their knowledge and lab skills. Lesson and lab plans are included on the CD.

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A teacher’s resource book full of structural engineering activities. Fun, practical activities teach aspiring engineers about structures and scale. Great for introducing students to structures. Projects include building with straws, clay, and toothpicks; constructing paper bridges; building domes; and load-testing structures. Filled with helpful illustrations and photos of kids doing the activities. Includes teacher’s tips, discussion points, and extension options.

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Striking photo images blaze across these posters illustrating the key concepts of weather, matter, space, and sound. From the electrical discharge of lightning to the vibrating system of drum sounds, these posters illuminate fascinating details. Size: 17" x 32".

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Eye candy for students hungry to learn, this poster set offers appetizing highlights of its subjects: earth, light, water, and electricity. Learn how beautiful crystals are formed, why owls can hunt at night, where electricity charges the sky to form beautiful displays, and more. Size: 17" x 32".

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No playmate needed for this seesaw!

Featuring just one axle and two wheels, The Seesaw has half the friction and rotational inertia acting against it as compared to other mousetrap vehicles. After the mousetrap releases, the racer’s chassis seesaws briefly before balancing out for a clean run.

All parts come precut and predrilled for quick and easy assembly. The Seesaw travels 15-20 meters on average. Requires white glue and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

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Designed for all speed contests and “king of the hill” climbing challenges, The TorqueMaster is engineered to provide as much as 100 percent more torque and extend the pulling force up to 50 percent longer than conventional systems! The TorqueMaster’s pulley system maximizes the winding of the mousetrap’s spring to 360 degrees, causing it to explode off the starting line. Requires a drill, scroll or hand saw, glue, and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

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Understanding Flight bypasses common distortions, misconceptions, and half-truths and gives your students a brain- and gut-level understanding of what gets a plane up in the sky and keeps it there. Students will learn the whys and hows of wing shape, stability and control, propulsion systems, flight testing, high-speed flight, and more. This second edition includes helicopter-flight fundamentals and aircraft structures.

The principles of flight are often parroted but widely misunderstood. Now your students can be among those who truly get it.

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Great as a first- or second-time model! The Viking can be built with three, four, or five die-cut fiber fins – your choice. Easy-to-build, no painting required, and can fly to 1,000 feet and higher. Includes self-adhesive decals.


When you hear the plaintive cry, “Why do I have to learn this stuff – I’ll never use it anyway,” you can point the whiner to this poster that features dozens of reasons for learning geometry. From managing money to building a doghouse to tracking the path of a storm, one of the reasons is sure to convince your students of the practical applications of this fundamental mathematical science.

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The winner of 15 national toy awards, Buckyballs are one of the funnest classroom activities around. Not only that, but they teach some of the most significant lessons in science.

This easy-to-build science model includes 60 black Zome balls and 90 short blue struts, so students can build their Buckyball (a soccer ball-shaped carbon form that won the Molecule of the Year award in 1998) any size they want. It’s a simple activity, but one with the potential of teaching students unparalleled lessons in science and chemistry.

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Pull a card and let the fun begin. These cards challenge students to use Zome components to build intriguing models. Includes 20 standards-based challenges for students ages 6 to 16, ranging from basic to out of the ordinary.

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For the experienced Zome user, this kit expands other Zome kits so students can build and learn about regular tetrahedra and octahedra, Archimedean solids, Platonic solids, octet trusses, and other mind-bending configurations. Includes 492 components and color instructions.

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Zometool works with teachers and schools to develop these lesson plans that use Zome kits to teach math, science, art, and architecture. More than 60 lessons cover from early elementary to advanced high school concepts including geometric shapes, area, volume, Plato’s solids, spiral symmetry, Archimedean solids, and so much more!

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This pack contains 25 balsa wood blocks (3" x 12" x 1") that can be used to manufacture wings (airfoils) using a CNC router.

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For a nearly friction-free connection, use this Pillow Block Set to attach an axle or shaft to a robot base. Set includes two pillow blocks, two brass bushings, four mounting brackets, and four mounting screws.

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A complete unit featuring MOVIT robots, introductory and intermediate levels. Purchase includes copyright site license to reproduce all materials for classroom use. Includes a variety of informational and practical resources. Offers teacher familiarization of background; robotics concepts; five learning modules with tests; activities with information, procedures, and data; research assignments; and appendices. Robotics kits sold separately.

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