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Mastering whole numbers, common factors, ordering fractions, plotting points, angles, and other math concepts isn’t a chore – it’s a game! Students earn points and move around the game board by correctly answering the questions on the review cards. Play continues until all players reach the finish, and the one with the most points wins the game.

Includes 25 sets of review cards (each set has different questions for a total of 750 questions), 12 colorful and double-sided game boards, 12 dice, 36 game pieces, a Windows CD-ROM with interactive presentation, and an online subscription. Choose the appropriate grade level for your class.

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This book is an ideal resource for teachers who want to challenge their students and at the same time reinforce basic skills. Math Games for Middle School reviews all the topics of the middle school curriculum, from addition and subtraction to plane and space geometry, graphing, and probability. Math Camps provide challenging ways to apply new skills and intriguing background about the human side of mathematics.

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Forget about Frankenstein’s monster – stitching electronics and mechanics together creates an evil genius, not a monster!

The popular Evil Genius series continues with this book designed to teach students what they need to know to work in mechatronics: soldering; reading schematics; improvising; knowing the parts; and understanding science, electronics, and mechanics. The 25 projects include building an ionic motor, an electronic cannon, a touch-controlled motor, an experimental robotic arm, and the project known as The Mechatronic Talking Head.

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Is there a machine small enough to crawl in our digestive system? Can bacteria inspire nanotechnology? Can anyone go into a store and buy something with nanoparticles? The answer to each of these questions is yes. Vividly illustrated in full color, this book explains how nanotechnology is made, various ways it is used, and what nanotechnology is coming in the future.

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ModelSmart enables students to use the computer to interactively design balsa wood and basswood models of bridges, cranes, towers, and all kinds of structural systems!

ModelSmart then analyzes the model, gives numerical results, and simulates the results by showing a deflected shape or collapse. Students can explore structural design ideas before they begin building with real materials! Designed to introduce middle school and high school students to basic engineering concepts and to reinforce math and science skills.

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Add some energy to reviewing the principles of physics – just add Motion, Forces, & Energy Bingo to the formula!

Students try to find the answers to questions on their game card. When they have five in a row, they call “Bingo!” When the answers are verified as correct, they win. If not, they clear their game cards off and start again. Includes 30 game cards, 75 question cards, chips, and an answer key.

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This kit is designed for the teacher to experiment with different variables after making a basic mousetrap vehicle. The kit includes the same types of basic materials as found in the introductory kit, plus other materials to allow you to explore different options for developing mechanical advantage. The demo kit includes CD-ROMs, plastic wheels (two sizes), mousetraps, different-length lever arms, string, brass tubing, washers, steel axles, acetal axles, glue, balsa wood, rubber bands, and a copy of Doc Fizzix’s Mousetrap Powered Cars & Boats.

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In case you think nanotechnology has something to do with Mork from Ork, the For Dummies series is here to clear up any confusion about this cutting-edge technology. What nanotechnology is, its current and potential uses, and much more are explored in this uncomplicated volume.

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“The itsy-bitsy computer climbed up the redwood tree.” Could this be a nursery rhyme of the future? Find out as you visit the world of nanotechnology. This program demonstrates how the science of building ultrasmall electronic circuits and devices will help industry, medicine, and even researchers studying the endangered redwood trees.

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This cell cast acrylic, resistant to melting during cutting and machining, is a lightweight and offers good color. Great for fabricating parts as well as for engraving.

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Embark on a fun-filled journey and learn about lift, gravity, thrust, drag, air pressure, and the key ideas put forth by Daniel Bernoulli. Meet important people in aviation history and view real-life demonstrations of important concepts. Includes a hands-on activity that kids can do themselves.

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Attractive brass-plated hangers for clocks, plaques, pictures, mirror sconces, and so on. Can be mounted with nails, screws, or staples. Mounting hardware sold separately.

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High-quality gears for robotic applications. Shaft size provides friction fit on axle material. Shaft sizes range from 3/32" to 1/4". Gear diameters range from 0.313" to 2.063". Number of gear teeth range from 8 to 64.

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A handy, one-handed speed-cutting-and-trimming tool. Die-cast, zinc-alloy body. Furnished with fine steel blade.

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Using real-life situations such as calculating car payments and planning a business, this volume covers the basic concepts of algebra, linear equations, lines and distance, slopes and lines, parabolas, quadratic equations, and more. The updated edition features updated content and new lessons.

Fully reproducible book includes math concepts, answer keys, and extension activities.

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“That’s what it is all about. Education. Not robots.” That’s the word according to Chris Odom, the developer of the Robodyssey Complete Educational System. This system addresses the problem with many robotics activities. The activity goal shouldn’t be just to build a robot, but to truly learn math, science, and technology in the process – and to learn how those three areas make robotics possible. Propel your robotics technology curriculum with this system.

Includes BasicX and Robotics book, Robodyssey Bare Bones Mouse Kit, Robodyssey motherboard, BasicX BX-24 processor, adjustable sensor bracket, sharp sensor, programming cable, manual for the mouse assembly and programming and for BasicX programming, AA batteries, battery holder, and charger.

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