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In Energy Resources: Use & Conservation, students learn that we can harvest the power of nature from a variety of sources all around us: the Sun, wind, and water; the atom; energy stored in fossil fuels; and the very heat of the planet itself!

They discover what life was like before people learned to harness electrical energy and how energy-rich fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas helped fire the Industrial Revolution. They learn why these powerful energy resources are nonrenewable and in jeopardy of being used up as global energy consumption continues to rise.

Students are encouraged to play an active role in energy conservation and harness energy from the Sun by creating their own solar-powered oven. Part of the multivolume Energy in Action Video Series. Teacher’s guide included.

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The flask of choice for slow evaporation and reduced “tipability,” this Erlenmeyer flask is made of borosilicate glass. Holds 250 milliliters.

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Its 16 ounces of sterile isotonic saline solution effectively flushes irritants. Mount anywhere – requires no plumbing.

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When your class is building more robots than you have remote controls for, it’s handy to have extra receivers so students can attach them while constructing their robots and not have to remove them right after running the robots. This option is a serious savings compared to buying more remote controls. Six-channel, 2.4 GHz receiver.

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When you don’t need the full speed of a servo and want to try something a little different for your robot, give these gearhead motors a spin. These motors have white plastic coverings and come in straight and 90-degree angle models. They rotate 360 degrees every 1.6 seconds. Gear Motor Mount sold separately (see below).

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Get geared up for robotics with these powerful gearhead motors. These can be used for robots, science fair projects, and any other application where a slow, powerful motor is needed.


  • 2 oz-ft torque
  • 12.5 volts
  • 2.6 amps

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Made of borosilicate glass, these beakers are perfect for heating. They have the optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical resistance due to their controlled wall thickness at the sides, radius, and bottom. Spout makes for clean pouring.

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Follow along as 20 teams from leading colleges compete to design, build, and demonstrate the operation of the most energy-efficient and attractive home they can create. See the complete process, from finding corporate sponsors to completing construction.

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Heavy-duty tubing cutter for cutting the 5/8" diameter structural tubing for TETRIX® robots. The all-metal construction of this cutter makes it easy to cut tubing lengths precisely and with ease. The cutting diameter range is 3/16"-7/8".

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Your students experience probability and statistics frequently in their daily lives. They play games with spinners, coins, cards, or dice, which all involve probability. They also encounter statistics on food packaging, television commercials, and baseball cards.

The activities in this book engage students in active mathematical situations that are fun, exciting, and enable students to further develop mathematic literacy. If you and your students use a textbook for most math lessons, you will find this guide a welcome change from traditional math.

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Made of durable steel, this Inclined Plane features a graduated protractor and an adjustable pulley. Also comes with a 14-ounce roller that acts either as a vehicle on the plane or as a counterweight. These extras – as well as the included pan and cord for the masses – give this demonstration tool added flexibility.

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Engineering entails more than knowing the way things work. What do economics and ecology, aesthetics, and ethics have to do with the shape of a paper clip, the tab of a beverage can, or the cabin design of a turbojet? How do the idiosyncrasies of individual engineers, companies, and communities leave their mark on projects from Velcro to fax machines to waterworks? Invention by Design offers an insider’s look at these political and cultural dimensions of design, development, construction, and production.

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Students discover for themselves the key principles of the physical world around us: force and motion, friction and gravity, action and reaction, and work and power. They test a variety of surfaces for friction resistance, correlate weight to friction resistance, and investigate a variety of ways to reduce friction using wheels and rollers. With the materials included, students will explore variable inertia and use the mini-dynamics carts included to study the basics of elastic versus inelastic collisions.

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From the concert hall to your classroom, laser lights are a captivating sight. Pitsco’s Laser Show – The Kit is a great way to take advantage of students’ interest in lasers to teach them soldering skills, circuitry, and how reflections and geometry are used to direct the laser’s path. The laser can project 40 to 50 feet.

This second-generation design offers a more streamlined look and construction, a simplified power source, and a laser. Varying the laser pattern is as simple as altering the speed and direction of two motorized mirrors.

The kit includes motors, mirrors, circuit board, wiring, control switches, laser, and four AA batteries. Requires soldering iron and solder, wire cutter/stripper, Phillips screwdriver, and small wrench or pliers.

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Take students on a wide-ranging tour of space that includes looks at astronomy and the technology that enables solar system exploration and study. Includes four feature segments.

  • Rockets – Explores the history of rockets and the contributions the US-Soviet space race made to today’s technology.
  • Exploring Space – Considers the challenges of space travel and of living thousands of kilometers away from Earth.
  • Night and Day – Explains why the Sun appears to rise and set, giving us the experience of night and day.
  • Life on Mars? – Examines clues that have led some scientists to believe that life might once have existed on the red planet.

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Great for building Formula One or Custom Cruiser cars, these high-speed, straight-shank bits are made of steel. Use the 5/32" bit if you plan to use straw bushings and the 1/4" bit for axle bushings.