Top Activities

Energy-Efficient Prop Racers

Students will make a model car, first using mechanical/rubber band-powered energy.

Discovering Ruler Fractions

Students will use a piece of colorful construction paper to discover the fractions used on a ruler/increments of a ruler.

Rubber Band Chains

This inquiry-based lab investigation will provide students the opportunity to conduct real scientific research into the elasticity of supporting materials such as rubber bands and their physical properties related to distance, force, and . . .

Fuel-Efficient Sail Car

Students will construct and test their toy cars in a few different ways to discover how size, shape, and design affect the speed and performance of vehicles.

Reshaping Rockets and Gliders

We usually start with rockets made from card stock and discuss wind energy and forces that propel rockets. Students create straw rockets and then determine what redesigns they would need to adapt to the launcher. At the upper-elementary level, rocket . . .

Grape Crusher

Students will build a structure out of toothpicks and paper with the purpose of protecting a grape from the Tower Crusher.

Aerodynamic Vehicle

Design a dragster car using the precut sets. Test and redesign as needed to design an aerodynamic vehicle that covers the greatest distance in the least time. Use this kit as an intro to CO 2 cars to build confidence and problem-solve the best design . . .

Animal Legs

Students will look at pictures of different animals. Have them draw connections between body types and the number of legs and leg structure. Have them replicate leg structure types and see how much mass the leg can hold. Compare the different legs and . . .

Building a Safe Room

Mercedes-Benz revolutionized the car engine by creating a cage system that protected the passengers from the engine in a head-on collision. Develop a building with a safe room that would protect occupants in the event of a building collapse.

Redesigned Parachutes

Students will work in teams of two or three to sketch a design and create a parachute out of different materials. They will make a parachute that will slow the load as much as possible. They can research and vary the style of chute (round, square, . . .