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Investing in the Grant Search

March 2017: Pitsco STEM - a bountiful garden

In educational jargon, STEM stands for improvement in science, technology, engineering, and math. In the world of botany, a stem provides connection and support and stores necessary nutrients. Pitsco STEM curriculum fulfills this function in the garden of education.

  • STEM in the Gym™ for Grades K-5 combines physical science and physical education using the Simple Machines Package.
  • Pitsco STEM Units investigate subjects such as exploring transportation, exploring flight, and exploring structures in literature in addition to a variety of engineering challenges.

Pitsco STEM curriculum is a cornucopia of educational roads to saunter through on the way to germinating well-defined, team-oriented experiences. These are but a couple examples of Pitsco’s plentiful STEM offerings. Should your garden lack economic nutrients, the following might be a source of replenishment.

March 2017 "Grant Funding Leads" (PDF)

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