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Investing in the Grant Search

February 2017: A look ahead

Satchel Paige once counseled, “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” Despite this sage warning, Pitsco does not fear looking back at the road paved by numerous STEM success stories. A look back also prompts a look ahead at the great things to come. In the world of Pitsco STEM, that means new products such as the Pitsco Backhoe and curriculum such as the new STEM Units for Grades 3-5. The Backhoe, a perfect way to introduce students to the world of construction and hydraulics, is Pitsco’s latest addition to its line of hydraulic robots. Elementary STEM Units for Grades K-5 integrate whole-class curricular activities to teach the engineering design process. New units for Grades 3-5 feature themes of air, structure, electricity, and magnetism. If a look ahead reveals a scarcity of funding for your desired STEM projects, a glance at the following grant possibilities might help. 

February 2017 "Grant Funding Leads" (PDF)

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