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Explore lessons in teamwork, robotics, hydraulics, and simple machines with this convenient package. It brings together everything needed for your classroom of 20 to 40 students working in teams of two or four to get a grip on the hydraulic robot arm activity.

Students work together to build the robotic arm and then demonstrate some serious teamwork to operate its hydraulic controls.


The TETRIX® PRIME Getting Started Package offers the ultimate robotics experience. Teams of two work to design fully functioning, remote-controlled robots, with each student pair having access to both a TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Set and a TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set. The included Instructional Build DVD for TETRIX PRIME Robotics and Engineering Design Loop Poster Set provide an added bonus to the builder’s guides.

The Getting Started Package includes:

  • 12 TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Sets each containing:
    • 298 building elements plus Gripper Kit
    • Gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller
    • 4 servo motors (2 standard and 2 continuous rotation)
    • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
    • On/off switch and assembly tools
    • Printed setup and builder’s guides along with activity accessories
  • 12 TETRIX PRIME Expansion Sets each containing:
    • 539 total building elements
    • 1 standard servo motor
    • Assembly tools
    • Printed builder’s guide
  • Engineering Design Loop Poster Set
  • Instructional Build DVD for TETRIX PRIME Robotics


Pitsco’s T-Bot® II hydraulic robot arm delights students, and this guide will delight teachers. The T-Bot II Teacher’s Guide overflows with lessons covering the Cartesian coordinate system, simple machines, basic programming, mechanical advantage, electromagnetism, teamwork, and more!

The T-Bot II Teacher’s Guide contains NSTA, NCTM, ITEEA, and NCTE standards addressed; teacher and student instructions for a variety of math, science, and engineering activities; pretests and posttests; resource pages; and puzzles. Contains separate activities for middle school and high school students.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the Pitsco T-Bot II – Getting Started Package, metric ruler, dice, weight or C-clamp, protractor, small foam blocks, battery-powered electromagnet with a switch (instructions included), zip ties, hook-and-loop fastener, and standard classroom tools and materials. Note: This list is for all activities; individual activities don’t require all listed materials.

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The book that inspired several educational programs to start remote-operated vehicle programs is back with a new edition! It now includes how to waterproof a camera for an underwater robot, adding a hydraulic gripper, the history of subsea exploration and its vehicles, a guide for your own underwater science fair projects, helpful tips, and much more.

These clear plans and illustrations for a variety of projects will help you infuse the classroom with the fun and learning of underwater exploration!


These out-of-the-ordinary projects – requiring no more than an hour each to build – will encourage science and technology in your classroom. Build a plastic hydrogen bomb, a three-penny radio, a simple steam-powered boat, and a permanent rainbow – just a few of the more than 30 projects in the book. And each activity ends with a helpful “Why does it do that?” section.


Written for new makers, Make: Basic Arduino Projects is a practical guide containing 26 projects. Learn to build electronic circuits that change their behavior, a light-sensitive switch, and LED projects. You’ll learn how to control servomotors and to create audio projects such as a theremin, electronic cricket, and metronome. The only restriction is your imagination.


littleBits are electronic building blocks with more than 60 modules and trillions of combinations. This book teaches you just enough electronics to start making things with littleBits and takes you through connecting littleBits to the cloud and programming with its Arduino-compatible module.


Written in language that non-engineers can understand, Make: Making Simple Robots helps beginners move beyond basic craft skills and materials to the latest products and tools being used by artists and inventors.

Each project includes step-by-step directions as well as clear diagrams and photographs. And every chapter offers suggestions for modifying and expanding the projects so that you can return to the projects again and again as your skill set grows.


A complete unit featuring MOVIT robots, introductory and intermediate levels. Purchase includes copyright site license to reproduce all materials for classroom use. Includes a variety of informational and practical resources. Offers teacher familiarization of background; robotics concepts; five learning modules with tests; activities with information, procedures, and data; research assignments; and appendices. Robotics kits sold separately.

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