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Enlightening students to the green revolution is easier with this guide leading the charge. Sustainable Energy Engineering introduces students to energy consciousness, solar cooking, solar and fuel cell vehicles, and wind energy. It concludes with a Sustainable School Challenge in which students evaluate their own school and submit proposals to make it more green.

Student materials are reproducible for distribution within your classroom. Use this full-color guide alone or as a supplement to current curriculum, or combine it with other Pitsco guides to develop an engineering curriculum.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the Pitsco Der Weiner Roaster or Banty Roaster, SunEzoon Car Kits, Wind Gen Kits, Fuel Cell Car Kits, infrared thermometer, Watts-Up Pro meter, tape measure, large protractor, stopwatch, wire strippers, ramp, hobby knife, balsa wood sheets, wire, potentiometer, shrink tubing, blow dryer, LEGO® parts, AA batteries, hot dogs or cocktail wieners, and standard classroom tools and materials. Note: This list is for all activities; individual activities don’t require all listed materials.


Whether you're storing robot components, hand tools, craft materials, or whatever you use in your classroom, these bins help keep it organized and neat.

The TETRIX® Mobile Storage unit is designed to accept these bins. 

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These 3/4" paper fasteners are ideal for making paper-craft moving parts.


Perfect for paper engineering and other hole punch-intensive activities. Featuring a six-inch reach, this gadget has a sliding function selector to choose from eyelet setting, 1/8" hole punch, and 3/16" hole punch. It can be used for a variety of materials including paper, plastic, chipboard, thin tin, fabric, and leather.


If you’ve bought many extra TETRIX® parts, you may be experiencing component chaos in your classroom. Organize and neaten your robot equipment with this mobile storage unit. Designed to fit TETRIX storage bins in three sections – featuring 36 adjustable rails to fit any bin configuration – the storage unit is made of melamine with a 2 mm PVC edge band. With its 2" rolling casters, it’s easy to move wherever you need it.


Getting young students started in hands-on activities is a great idea, but so is safety! These glasses are properly sized for children to protect their eyes while the anti-scratch lens can be used for years.


A permanently plastic modeling material for all grades – ideal for three-dimensional art instruction, creative clay models, and prototypes. It has bright, clean colors and a smooth, firm consistency to retain the shape into which it is molded. It can be used over and over with no loss of pliability. Non-toxic, non-hardening, sanitary, and odorless. Comes in one-pound quantities.


Young people enjoy using their iPads to learn and create – now they can learn mathematical concepts with professional lessons on the iPad!

LearnIT Apps are downloaded from iTunes, making them a quick and easy way to meet the needs of your child as you cover mathematics. There are 48 different lessons are available, including Multiplying Fractions, Simple Interest, Adding Mixed Numbers, Metric Units, and Properties of Exponents.

Each app was designed to use a real-life situation to help emphasize the importance of the concept. Students are also prompted to take notes at key points of the lesson. The applications use text, professional graphics, animations, and audio instructions to teach a concept. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Download now, free on iTunes LearnIT apps for iPad.


Sometimes the simplest items have the biggest lessons. This guide looks at how springs and string are vital to engineering. See how springs compare to rubber bands, how to make a spring, where springs are in disguise, how to test and improve string strength, and more through 11 experiments. Plus, there are suggested classroom activities, further reading, and links of interest.


Save yourself the trouble of photocopying from the handbook. Includes 25 sets of all the handouts for Unit 4.


STA "Science 101" columns to help educators work with confidence. Whether you are befuddled about how animals and birds know where to go during migration, what causes the seasons to change, or how wireless Internet works, this handy book will help.

Sections include General Science, Teaching Methods, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Technology.

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