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The T-Bot® II is a great project for illustrating hydraulic power and mechanics. See how syringes, tubes, and water work together to power the parts of this robotic arm. Each control moves one of the T-Bot II’s axes. The four controls can be used one at a time or all at once by a team of students – they can try basic maneuvers or moving objects as a team-building exercise!

The T-Bot II can be used for a range of ages and educational concepts – from showing third graders how to work together to helping college students explore load and effort forces.

Construction requires screwdriver, scissors, cool-melt glue gun, and white and cool-melt glue, sold separately. T-Bot II Base (34106) is sold separately.

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Explore lessons in teamwork, robotics, hydraulics, and simple machines with this convenient package. It brings together everything needed for your classroom of 20 to 40 students working in teams of two or four to get a grip on the hydraulic robot arm activity.

Students work together to build the robotic arm and then demonstrate some serious teamwork to operate its hydraulic controls.


A programmable robotic arm that doesn’t require an understanding of program languages – that’s the SAM Robot!

Ideal for the classroom, this compact robotic arm can be “trained” simply by putting it into position and then saving it on a Windows-based computer with the included programming software. Continue to do this until you have finished the program of actions and then run the program. When students use the SAM Robot with the SAM Trainer Board Package, sold separately, they can learn to maneuver the robot while placing foam balls on five posts attached to a board that fits snugly against the robot base.

Each of SAM’s five axes have a 90-degree rotation that enables flexibility with accurate movement. Made of 1/4" ABS plastic, SAM is 10" tall at home position and has a base width of 5.5" and an arm reach of 11".

Includes the robot, software, power pack, USB cable, and instructions. No assembly required.

System Requirements: Windows XP or 7 and one USB port.


Supporting the T-Bot® II and its four controllers, the Challenge Set's holder makes using the hydraulic arm a simple task. The included rectangular and stacking boards and four Ping-Pong balls expand the number of activities possible with the T-Bot II. The included guide offers several project ideas as well as building instructions. Requires the T-Bot II, white glue, and a screwdriver, sold separately.


Get the fun and excitement of the T-Bot® II Hydraulic Arm along with the activity potential of the T-Bot II Challenge Set – and save a little in the process.

In this combo, you receive the popular T-Bot II to demonstrate hydraulic power and mechanics along with the Challenge Set to hold the hydraulic arm in conjunction with one of two different activity boards. Students are challenged to stack and move Ping-Pong balls in order to complete tasks, answer review questions, and more.

Included guides cover construction and offer several activity ideas. Requires screwdriver, scissors, cool-melt glue gun, and white and cool-melt glue, sold separately.


Use the Robotic Arm Edge Curriculum with a Mac or WIN operating system to help your students get the greatest educational benefit from the Robotic Arm Edge. Students can research or browse a range of robotics topics including history, system, parts, applications, and sociocultural impact.

Includes printed reproducible student activities for the Robotic Arm Edge. Activities range from elementary to advanced and include easy-to-follow directions and teacher’s answers.


Students learn basic robotic principles by building and operating this robotic arm. After assembly, they use the control box to command the five-axis arm to manipulate small objects. Some of these axes have an impressive range of motion including an elbow range of 300 degrees and a base rotation of 270 degrees. The Robotic Arm Edge has a 15" vertical reach and a 12-1/2" horizontal reach and can lift up to 100 grams.

A unique feature includes a search light on the gripper so students can easily see during nighttime use or in poor light. Dimensions: 9" x 6.3" x 15". Assembly required. Requires four D batteries, sold separately.

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