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If your students are the adventurous type who like to build their water rockets from scratch, they’ll want Pitsco’s advanced parachute recovery system to ensure the safe return of their handiwork. The system can be adapted to fit any size Pitsco water-bottle rocket and includes assembly and installation instructions. Requires white glue, cool-melt glue, scissors, and transparent tape, sold separately.


This rocket-glider combo makes great use of the AP Launcher II! Using the AP Rocket Body Tubes with a launch clip, these small gliders ride the rocket straight up until reaching apogee and then separate from the rocket tube and glide down. Kit contains parts for three different-shaped gliders; one rocket tube, cap, and clip; and a gluing fixture. Requires an AP Launcher, Glider Launch Stabilizer, hobby knife, ruler, tape, and CA glue, sold separately.

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Build and launch the 12" rockets for the AP Rocket Launcher II without a hitch. This kit provides enough tubes, caps, and fin material with preprinted fins to build 30 rockets. Students can customize their rockets with acrylic or spray paint and decals if desired. Make your custom rockets and use them with the AP Rocket Launcher II (sold separately) to launch them more than 100 feet through the air! Requires scissors, glue stick, and transparent tape, sold separately.


First, each student builds and launches a high-flying tube rocket. Then, they take aerospace concepts further by building a balsa wood glider that rides a rocket into the sky and releases at apogee to glide down on its own. This package contains enough materials for 30 students as well as the necessary launch equipment.

The AP Rockets & Gliders – GS Package includes the following items, which can also be ordered individually.

  • 40370 AP Rocket Launcher II
  • 35692 AP Rocket 30-Pack
  • 34455 AP Glider 30-Pack
  • 34678 Glider Launch Stabilizer
  • 34417 Hand Pump
  • 59839 AP Rocket and Glider Video (DVD)

Requires scissors, hobby knife, ruler, glue stick, CA glue, and transparent tape, sold separately.


When perched on a sturdy tripod, the AP Rocket Launcher II uses the pressure captured in a plastic bottle to propel tube rockets more than 100 feet. Featuring a launch angle that adjusts from 45 to 90 degrees and air pressure variable from zero to 20 psi, the AP Rocket Launcher II enables you to create math and science experiments for trajectory, velocity, aerodynamics, pneumatics, and force and motion. Requires Hand Pump, sold separately.


This stout projectile goes, well, absolutely Ballistic as it defies gravity, streaks to the sky, and then returns on its recovery parachute. Kit includes a 12" parachute, tubes, rings, a nose cone, fin material, decals, and instructions. You must supply a 2-liter plastic bottle. Pitsco HD Bond II glue recommended for assembly. Finished rocket is 58 centimeters in length. Requires scissors, ruler, clothespin, masking and transparent tape, and cool-melt glue, paint, permanent marker, 2-liter bottle, and launcher, sold separately.


Cousin to the popular Stratoblaster, this water rocket looks like it simply has a bigger rocket tube and nose cone ball. But tucked inside the large tube is the key to its safe return – a 12" parachute. This extra recovery device prevents damage during landing.

Kit includes a 20-ounce plastic bottle, rocket tube, Wiffle® ball, parachute materials, user guide, and other rocket materials. Requires basic tools, cool-melt glue gun and glue slugs, white glue, launcher, and tire pump, sold separately.


The Bottle Rocket Smorgasbord is a great starter pack for advanced bottle rocketeers. Students can supply 20-ounce, 1-liter, or 2-liter bottles and use them to construct their own high-performance bottle rockets.

The Smorgasbord contains a cornucopia of materials – transition and nose cone templates, Ping-Pong balls, three types of fin material, body tubes, string, sandpaper, parachute reinforcement rings, and more. Enough to build 25 different rockets. Requires a launcher, tire pump, cool-melt glue gun and glue, scissors, and tape, sold separately. This pack was created so students could design their own rockets, so no instructions are included. If instructions are needed, we recommend the Bottle Rockets book (57057), sold separately.