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An add-on created to attach to a 20-inch box fan, the Air Control Funnel turns an ordinary box fan into a concentrated laminar airflow source for testing airfoils and the aerodynamics of other geometric solid objects. Students use cardboard and cool-melt glue to construct a grid and funnel that easily attaches to the average box fan. Included are cardboard for construction and an elastic cord and elastic cord lock for attaching the funnel to a box fan. The Air Control Funnel is great to use with the Wing Build Kit and Wing Test Stand.


The Essential Frame and Axle Set has all the parts needed to build mousetrap vehicles, rubber band racers, balloon-powered projects, and more. All you have to do is add your own power source, and away you go. The Essential Frame and Axle Set includes 10 complete balsa frame sets, DVD layer wheels, brass metal axles, DVD/CD wheel spacers, thrust bearings, axle hooks, and high-tech Kevlar strings.


Perfect for mousetrap vehicles, rubber band racers, and balloon-powered projects, the Essential Project Pack contains all the small parts you need to get your project from start to finish. The Essential Project Pack includes all the hard-to-find parts that are included in mousetrap-powered car and rubber band racer kits. The Essential Project Pack includes DVD/CD wheel spacers, thrust bearings, axle hooks, and high-tech Kevlar string. This is a 10-set of project packs.


An easy and advanced braking system, the High-Tech Braking System has a wing nut that travels along a threaded axle and then wedges itself against the frame, causing the racer to come to an instant stop. Can be used with any type of project including mousetrap cars, rubber band-powered racers, balloon vehicles, and much more.


Tune in your students to the ideas of elasticity, proportion, line of best fit, and more with this exciting activity. Students build a bungee cord out of rubber bands that you attach to the Rip Cord Parachute Drop and Stand. Add a doll or weight to the cord and have the students experiment to keep the load safe from a disastrous crash.

Includes the needed rubber bands, Rip Cord Parachute Drop kits, and Rip Cord Parachute Drop and Stand.


Torque your students off as they build a tractor using laser-cut parts. After installing the motor and battery module (included) and attaching the wheels and gears, it’s time to drive the tractor. Students determine which gear ratios provide the best speed and which provide the greatest amount of pulling power (via torque). Requires glue and a Phillips-head screwdriver, sold separately.


Drawing sheets used for designing your car that show views from front, top, back, and side.


Design for Speed challenges students to apply STEM knowledge and design skills. Students engage in competitive engineering with the goal of creating the fastest and most eye-pleasing balsa wood or basswood dragster. They first develop a car concept and then build it. After a battery of tests and a speed test of their prototypes, they head back to the drawing board. Students analyze their cars for drag, mass, lift, and conformity to specifications, all with the aim of making the fastest car in the room for the culminating Day at the Races event. An aesthetics competition provides an added dimension and entices students who have an artistic flair.

Extensive web support is included such as online data tracking and exclusive access to instructional videos for each phase of the activity. Teacher familiarity with tool use and woodworking methods is required. The units include 25 Balsa Wood or Basswood Metric Dragster Kits, 24 Metric Dragster Go/No Go Gauges, a Science of Speed Design for Speed Teacher Guide, 24 student logbooks, 100 multiview drawing sheets, and more. The dragster launcher is sold separately.

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