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Take tetrahedron kites to the next level – the 10-Cell KaZoon Kite is six cells bigger than the KaZoon Kite. These kites provide connections to the geometry principles of area, surface area, and volume.

Includes enough tissue, straws, and kite string for one kite as well as a template and instructions. Requires a glue stick and scissors, sold separately.

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This rocket-glider combo makes great use of the AP Launcher II! Using the AP Rocket Body Tubes with a launch clip, these small gliders ride the rocket straight up until reaching apogee and then separate from the rocket tube and glide down. Kit contains parts for three different-shaped gliders; one rocket tube, cap, and clip; and a gluing fixture. Requires an AP Launcher, Glider Launch Stabilizer, hobby knife, ruler, tape, and CA glue, sold separately.

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Learn about the principles of flight and have students put their knowledge to the test. With the Balsa Glider Maker Project, students can learn about flight and create their own balsa glider design to flight test. The project includes a FlightPak Power Pack and the Dr. Zoon Balsa Glider Video. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


This Getting Started package has enough materials for a classroom of 30 students, including our Metric Glider book; the Dr. Zoon Balsa Glider Video; and a FlightPak complete with materials for designing, prototyping, building, and testing gliders.


Pitsco’s ChutePak II contains materials for students to explore the principles governing the design and use of parachutes. 100 sheets of tissue paper, glue sticks, and all other necessary materials are included for 30 students. Requires scissors, sold separately.


Pitsco’s FlightPak, in conjunction with The Metric Glider book (one included), guides students through principles of flight, glider design, and construction of hand-launched balsa wood gliders that they can fly. They can even compete against each other to see which glider can stay aloft the longest. All materials necessary for students’ designing, prototyping, building, and testing are provided. Includes enough materials for 30 students. Requires a hobby knife and ruler, sold separately.


Students use this pack with the Pitsco Wing Cutter to make their own gliders! Student-designed wings are cut on the Wing Cutter and then attached to balsa wood fuselages. Rear fin and horizontal stabilizer are also constructed of balsa wood.

Provides enough polystyrene foam and balsa wood to make 25 gliders. Also includes glue, sandpaper, graph paper for design drawings, template material, instructions, and clay for balancing. As an added bonus, the pack includes two sheets of our Pitsco decals. Requires a hobby knife, finish, and Wing Cutter, sold separately.


Excitement reaches new heights in your classroom when students design and craft their own gliders that can really fly. Included are a wing tester, a wing cutter, the Dr. Zoon Foam Wing Glider Video, and enough materials for 25 student gliders.