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Add this resource set to your TETRIX® collection and build bigger and more complex robots and complete more challenging engineering projects. This set includes 40 metal building elements and comes complete with a convenient storage bin.


Designed especially for SkillsUSA, the Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue Challenge Kit features heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum elements for construction, powerful drive motors, and expandable capabilities. TETRIX® provides the ideal platform for creativity. The patented hole pattern on TETRIX structural pieces is unique to this system and enables competitors to attach pieces at angles as well as horizontally and vertically.

The challenge kit includes the following:

  • Brackets and mounts
  • Structural channels and plates
  • Structural tubing and hubs
  • Wheels, gears, and drive trains
  • NiMH battery pack and charger
  • R/C transmitters, receivers, and motor controllers
  • Wireless camera

Requires AA batteries, sold separately.


This complete kit by Tamiya is plastic with a precut wooden chassis assembly. It includes two electric motors that require two AA batteries (sold separately) and a two-channel remote-control unit. The kit is meant for serious modelers only; instructions are in the form of 3-D diagrams with minimal written instructions.


Students learn basic robotic principles by building and operating this robotic arm. After assembly, they use the control box to command the five-axis arm to manipulate small objects. Some of these axes have an impressive range of motion including an elbow range of 300 degrees and a base rotation of 270 degrees. The Robotic Arm Edge has a 15" vertical reach and a 12-1/2" horizontal reach and can lift up to 100 grams.

A unique feature includes a search light on the gripper so students can easily see during nighttime use or in poor light. Dimensions: 9" x 6.3" x 15". Assembly required. Requires four D batteries, sold separately.


Use the Robotic Arm Edge Curriculum with a Mac or WIN operating system to help your students get the greatest educational benefit from the Robotic Arm Edge. Students can research or browse a range of robotics topics including history, system, parts, applications, and sociocultural impact.

Includes printed reproducible student activities for the Robotic Arm Edge. Activities range from elementary to advanced and include easy-to-follow directions and teacher’s answers.


Robots have been used in underwater exploration for decades, and now students can join the adventure. Follow the instructions to build a mini underwater robot that really works. Included is a workbook with four lessons covering voltage, current, resistance, propulsion, buoyancy, and speed calculations. Following these are six activities that make learning how to operate the robot a fun experience.

Building the robot requires a soldering iron with solder, wire strippers and cutters, a small set of pliers, a small flathead screwdriver, and a ruler, sold separately. Lessons and activities may require other materials that are not included.


This radio-controlled robot is really something to crow about! It’s a highly mobile and maneuverable device for manipulating and transporting objects.

The Rooster is the tool for giving students a dynamic, hands-on robotic experience! Rugged construction ensures that the Rooster will withstand continuous student use.

Includes a radio transmitter, integrated rechargeable battery pack, charger, detailed instructions, and exciting robotic activities. Robot base dimensions: 8" wide and 7-1/2" long. Maximum gripper height is 9".


Put away the bug spray; this is one critter you’ll want to keep around. This mechanical insect crawls forward, backward, to the right, or to the left – thanks to a two-channel remote control. The remote-control circuit is pre-wired to the motor, and the gearboxes are preassembled to ease assembly. Kit comes with a ball and parts to make goals – so build several robots and have a soccer match! Kit also includes a small screwdriver for robot assembly. Requires two AA batteries, sold separately.


Bring Real Steel to life in the classroom! Mix learning and the fun of boxing with the Remote Control Boxing Fighter. The kit has a twin motor gearbox, allowing the boxer to punch while moving forward, backward, to the left, or to the right. Hitting the face of another boxer enough – with either an uppercut or a jab – will make it fall over. Included is a practice punch ball for “training” the boxer. Or have your class build more than one fighter and have a real bout!

A small screwdriver is included for robot assembly. Requires two AA batteries, sold separately.


With this remote-control box by Tamiya, four different motors can be controlled. The control sticks have a self-centering function that automatically moves them back to the neutral position. Use the remote control with Tamiya construction materials for robotics projects. Some assembly and two D batteries are required. Batteries sold separately; instructions included.


Four-channel R/C Controller: An affordable choice, this four-channel controller offers high-level benefits including interference-free performance via its 2.4 GHz FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum), servo reversing, a battery-level indicator, easy linking, and a R2004GF receiver with a flexible coaxial antenna.

Six-Channel R/C Controller: Get ultimate control of your robot with this six-channel remote control. Featuring interference-free performance and a 2.4 GHz system, this advanced system also includes servo reversing on all six channels. Unlike the commercial version of this controller, ours includes a receiver, a transmitter with charger, an on/off switch, and a battery holder.

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