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Get the most commonly used plastic labware items together in one convenient kit. Includes 20 items in a plastic storage box: 250 ml beaker, 10 ml graduated cylinder, 100 ml graduated cylinder, 65 mm top diameter funnel, drop dispenser bottle, wash bottle, four reagent bottles, three plastic test tubes, and six pipettes.


Prevent soil and stains on personal clothing with this medium-weight overgarment.

Garment Details:

  • 5 oz performance blend poplin
  • 80% polyester/20% combed cotton
  • Precure durable press
  • Five buttons
  • One left breast pocket, two lower pockets
  • One-piece, lined, notched lapel
  • Side vent openings
  • Coat length: 41-1/2"
  • Men's size 48



Glooze, wiggly wonder, power putty, flip-flop slime, and sewer slime are the five grossly fantastic substances you can make with this kit and a few simple items from home. The instruction manual explains the corresponding science concepts such as polymers, non-Newtonian fluid, and colloids.


Prevent soil and stains on personal clothing with a professional-type overgarment. This garment features: permanent press, acid-resistant blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent combed cotton, safety-stitched seams, and concealed four-snap closure. Dark blue with long sleeves.

Garment Details

  • 7.5 oz. permanent press twill
  • 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • Concealed gripper closure (snaps)
  • Two breast pockets, two lower pockets
  • Side vent openings and back vent
  • Coat Length 43-3/4"
  • Men's size 52



These convenient assortments offer a variety of sizes of rubber stoppers – they’ll fit the bill for most of your lab needs. Each assortment comes in a one-pound bag.

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This Plastic Wash Bottle really has it together! Holding up to 250 milliliters, this bottle features a built-in delivery tube for a one-piece construction. Translucent bottles are made of unbreakable, low-density polyethylene. Graduated on the outside for approximate volume readings.


Investigate the properties of Slime, a trademarked toy material first marketed commercially in the 1970s. Your students will prepare this entertaining – yet educational – material using various natural and synthetic polymers and color it with various dyes. In addition, students will create Flexi-Putty, form it into a bouncing ball, and compare its properties to Slime. In the process, they’ll gain a better understanding of the chemistry behind these long-chain polymers and their application in a variety of products we use in everyday life.


Made of borosilicate glass, these beakers are perfect for heating. They have the optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical resistance due to their controlled wall thickness at the sides, radius, and bottom. Spout makes for clean pouring.

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This comical poster makes it easier for students to differentiate between physical and chemical changes in matter. Printed on heavy stock.


Use these Fahnestock Clips to make freestanding terminals to make other connections outside of a knife switch.


When you need just a little of the solution, don’t try to pour it from a flask or cylinder. Keep some of these eye droppers on hand and you’ll eliminate a lot of frustration. Straight glass tubes with tapered rubber bulbs are 70 mm long and hold 2 ml.


Use with the Ring Stand and Cast Iron Support Rings to protect glass beakers from heating elements.

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