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Activities in Grades 6-8 in Math

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Clear up any fraction befuddlement your students have with this fun activity. Get enough materials for a class of 30 to make their own rulers.


Instead of using a regular ruler, students can learn about measuring and fractions as they make their own ruler with the Making Your Own Ruler Maker Project. The project comes with the Making Your Own Ruler Pack – which includes permanent markers, plastic material, templates, and student worksheets – and the Dr. Zoon Making Your Own Ruler Video. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


Students learn about measuring and fractions as they make their own rulers! The pack provides everything necessary for this fun activity – permanent markers, plastic material, templates, and student worksheets – for a class of 30.


This well-illustrated book is a primer on packaging design. It includes an introduction to packaging and an overview of the components of packaging design and prototyping. It also includes information and patterns for common shipping, telescoping, decorative, retail, and geometric boxes. Includes a glossary on packaging terminology.

Box-making activities and ideas abound, and there are two box-making competitions (challenges). Includes patterns for more than 15 different box configurations.


This collection of puzzles, games, and activities covers a wide range of mathematical concepts and skills and can be readily linked with other curriculum activities.


Start with explaining the language of algebra and how to solve problems, and then go further with warm-ups and specialized topics. This volume covers how to solve algebra problems, translating words into algebraic symbols, ages, coins, mixtures, formulas, rectangles, percents, and more. Reproducible student sheets; includes an answer key with explanations.

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Math, history, art, and world cultures come together in this delightful book, which connects youngsters with friends around the globe.

These math games encourage students to hone their math skills as they use geometry to design game boards, probability to analyze the outcomes of games of chance, and logical thinking to devise strategies for the games. These activities introduce students to the people who played the games, who solved the puzzles, and who designed the art.


Using real-life situations such as calculating car payments and planning a business, this volume covers the basic concepts of algebra, linear equations, lines and distance, slopes and lines, parabolas, quadratic equations, and more. The updated edition features updated content and new lessons.

Fully reproducible book includes math concepts, answer keys, and extension activities.

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