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Use these Metal Strips with the Practical Metal-Bending Work Center to create metal projects in the classroom. Package of 30 strips that are each 3/8" x 1/16" x 36".


Students make this handy tool caddy of 24-gauge galvanized steel. 6" x 12" x 4-1/2" high when finished. All parts are precut. Requires 1/8" rivets, drill with 1/8" metal bit, crimper, straight snips, metal file, and hand bender or breaker, not included.


Aluminum blind rivets.


Everything necessary (including metal) to make the toolbox. Ideal for the first sheet metal project. Students can use the box for tools or tackle. Galvanized steel construction – will not rust. Box may be left plain or painted. Requires 1/8" rivets. Drawings included. Requires a drill with 1/8" metal bit, crimper, straight snips, metal file, hand bender or breaker, and spot welder or rivet gun, sold separately.


Used in Giant Super Clip Kit.


Use these bulbs with the Tube Lite Kit.


This video from the Modern Marvels series visits the factory floor for an up-close look at how a modern production line functions and traces the engineering breakthroughs and world events that helped shape it. Archival footage shows how far we have come with four generations of assembly line workers reflecting on the way their work has been changed by the evolution of automated manufacturing methods.


These clips are used like the conventional clipboard clips. The only difference is that they are the latest low-profile design. The six-inch clip has only a 1/2" height, and the two-inch clip features a swinging lever arm that folds flat. May be mounted on wood, metal, Plexiglas, and so on. Metal spring guarantees a bulldog grip.

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Extra heavy-duty toolbox handle. Handle is 7-1/4" long. Zinc-plated steel.


Plain steel, continuous hinge for toolboxes and other sheet metal projects.

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Use these steel, nickel-plated corners for toolbox/tray and storage box projects. Rivet mounted.


We’ve all seen shiny new vehicles at car lots. Did you ever wonder how vehicles are made? This DVD travels through the assembly plant to show every step of manufacturing a vehicle. Also, it looks at how robotics and computers have improved the assembly process and explores career opportunities in the automotive industry.

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Products to display:
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