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Prepare to get your wheels turning with the AP Dragster Maker Project. Students use the provided tools and their imaginations to create AP dragsters and test them with the AP Dragster Launcher. The project includes AP Dragster Pack, AP Dragster Launcher, and a hand pump. For convenience, the project also comes with labels, a bin, and a bin prep sheet for storage and organization.


Constructed of sturdy card-stock parts, this remodeled wind generator is easier to build than ever and requires no glue! This is an economical choice if you want everyone in the class to build and have one so students can see the power of the wind up close!

The kit comes with die-cut parts, adhesive dots, motor mount, and the Motor 500 with wires and a lightbulb. Requires a high-velocity fan (or wind) and scissors, sold separately.

Eco-Wind Generator II 10-Pack

This pack has enough materials for 10 students to each build and take home an Eco-Wind Gen II, an easily built student wind generator that uses wind to power a small lightbulb. Requires a fan (or wind), hobby knife, and scissors, sold separately.

Eco-Wind Generator II 30-Pack

Bring wind energy understanding to an entire class with this 30-pack of the Eco-Wind Gen II, an affordable model wind generator. Requires a fan (or wind), hobby knife, and scissors, sold separately.

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Eager to get your elementary classroom involved in the maker movement? The Elementary Maker Space Package has what you need to get students moving, thinking, creating, and building. With a wide variety of hands-on projects ranging from straw rockets to roller coasters, your students’ minds will be filled with endless possibilities. This package includes 18 Pitsco products from the following themes: Aerospace, Dragsters, Engineering, Math, Structures, and Sustainable Energy.


Building an EZ Catapult is a great activity for elementary students to complete. This elementary guide is written for Grades 3-5. With these fun activities, students grasp a variety of subjects including forces, projectile motion, engineering design, catapult history, and tons more.

The EZ Catapult Elementary STEM Activity Guide contains teacher and student instructions for math, science, and engineering activities; assessment questions; resource pages; and student pages. This guide contains two guided inquiry lessons and a culminating engineering challenge for students to apply concepts learned through the inquiry lessons.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the EZ Catapult Kit, computers, targets, hot-melt glue guns, rulers, scissors, paint sticks, rubber bands, clothespins, straws, tubes, shoe boxes, tape, and standard classroom tools and materials.


Teach Grades 3-5 about structures with activities focused on using readily available items found in classrooms and houses. The five design projects included in 3-5 Linking Literature to Structures will have students creating structures such as ancient Egyptian burial structures and medieval siege machines. Each of the design briefs in this book will take students through the whole design process and teach them multiple standards.


Children should begin learning about the role of structures in technology and engineering at an early age, and K-2 Linking Literature to Structures is a perfect book for doing that. It highlights the T and E in STEM with five in-depth activities that guide students through the whole design process in projects such as mini golf and building a tree house. Each design brief hits multiple standards and goals in one project. Items for these activities are cost conscious with many of them found readily around the house or classroom. In today’s classroom, flexibility is key, and the design challenges created here are easy to set up and can be adapted to your needs.


Great for a multitude of applications! One 10-foot strip of each material. 3/4" wide.


Need a simpler version of the engineering design loop displayed in your classroom? Then check out this one with slimmed-down text and fun graphics. Gloss poster is 11" x 17".