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This is everything you need to start an introductory dragster activity in your classroom. Features the AP Dragster Designer, which enables students to explore design, aerodynamics, friction, and other concepts.

Includes the following items that can be purchased individually:

  • AP Dragster Designer 30-Pack (36300)
  • AP Dragster Launcher (36020)
  • Hand Pump (34417)

Requires shaping tools such as a coping saw, wood shaver, and sanding stick or sandpaper, sold separately.


This dragster kit launches with air power, and its laser-cut chassis parts provide a quick and easy build. Also includes a car body design sheet that students can color and cut out. Or students can design and draw their own car body and use it.

Includes the design sheet, laser-cut wooden parts, four wheels, four axle bushings, two acetal axles, launch tube, straw, tube cap, self-adhesive glue lines, and sandpaper. Requires the AP Dragster Launcher, an air pump, HD Bond II or similar white glue, glue stick, and scissors, sold separately.

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A unique reinterpretation of the CO2 dragster, these kits remove the need for power or cutting tools of any kind. Just assemble the dragsters from the laser-cut basswood parts and then glue, finish as desired, and launch!

EZ Build Dragsters are durable – they handle the same racing conditions as standard dragsters. And they provide a powerful activity for demonstrating force, motion, speed, friction, and acceleration.

EZ Build Dragsters launch on any standard CO2 race system with 4- or 8-gram cartridges and are available in four models – Zip, Zap, Zoom, and Zing – and a class pack that includes 32 complete kits, eight of each model. Each kit includes one 8-gram CO2 cartridge. Screwdriver and white glue required for assembly.

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A magnetic levitation vehicle uses a strong electromagnetic field to resist gravity and to keep the vehicle floating without touching the ground. Students who need a few extra magnetic levitation vehicles to race up and down the Maglev Track can build their own with these kits and packs. Construction requires double-stick tape and scissors, sold separately. Note: The Levitator cannot be electrified; it can only be used on gravity tracks.

Single Kit

Includes two red, white, and blue cutout car designs, as well as four ceramic magnets and a tough, precut card-stock base.


Provides enough material for 10 students to build Levitator Maglev Vehicles. Includes:

  • 40 sheets of precut card stock
  • 10 “fold and float” paper bodies
  • 40 ceramic block magnets
  • Instructions


Provides enough material for 30 students to make Levitator Maglev Vehicles. Includes:

  • 120 sheets of precut card stock    
  • 30 “fold and float” paper bodies
  • 120 ceramic block magnets
  • Instructions

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You supply the plastic bottle (20 ounce, 1 liter, or 2 liter), scissors, tape, and a cool-melt glue gun, and we supply everything else your students need to construct a bottle rocket: body tube, transition cones for 20-ounce and 2-liter bottles, fin material, a nose cone, and even sandpaper. Students can design their own graphics. Use a Pitsco launch system to launch the rockets 200 feet or more!

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For a fun and easy activity to illustrate oodles of scientific principles, look no further than this introductory rocket project. The Straw Rocket Class Pack will help teach projectile motion, center of gravity, initial velocity, introductory aerodynamics, and more. This activity is a great way to teach students the principles of rocketry before going on to engine- or hydrogen-powered rockets.

This pack includes enough Precision Straws, clay, and fin material for 30 students to make four rockets each, which enables them to experiment with different weights, straw lengths, and fin designs.

Pack includes student instructions. Requires launcher, scissors, ruler, and transparent tape, sold separately.


This is the would-be rocket scientist’s dream. This Getting Started package includes everything you need to get your class “out of this world” through bottle rockets: materials for 30 student rockets, a demonstration rocket, and launch equipment.


Water rocketry is one of the most fun and exciting hands-on science activities around. Converting empty plastic soda bottles into high-flying rockets provides a great opportunity for students to discover important scientific principles such as Newton’s laws, acceleration, thrust, and inertia.

A second-generation launcher, the AquaPort II was redesigned to be safer than ever and to still offer consistent launching for water rockets of various sizes: 2 liter, 20 ounce, and some 1 liter. Still utilizing the three-finger latch to securely hold the pressurized rocket in place, the launcher also features:

  • Sturdy tripod base and release system that provide excellent launchpad stability.
  • A launch mechanism pulled by 25' of launch string to keep everyone far away from the launcher.
  • An extensive 25' of air tubing – and it has handy brackets on one leg for winding the tubing.
  • Stakes to secure the launcher to the ground.

With no engines to buy, you can launch rockets again and again! Note: Only recommended for outdoor launches on the ground (not asphalt or concrete). Requires a bicycle pump, sold separately.


Try the straw rocket activity even if your budget and storage space are tiny! This little launcher can propel rockets up to 25 feet. Just put the rocket on the launch tube, pull back the air pressure plunger, and let go – it couldn't be easier!

Also includes a Launch Angle Tool that helps you turn the launch tube to the desired angle.

The Mini Straw Rocket Launcher is made of acrylic, stainless steel, plastic, and hardboard and measures 7-3/4" L x 4" W x 8" H (with launch tube up). Works with rockets made of Precision Straws or 7/32" diameter drinking straws. No assembly required.


Students can build their own straw rockets and test them on the Straw Rocket Launcher. Just like early rocket pioneer Robert Goddard, they can conduct scientific experiments by varying the trajectory angle and launch energy. These rockets can travel up to 50 feet!

The Straw Rocket Launcher uses pneumatic force created by releasing a weighted drop rod in the cylinder to launch rockets. The force of the launch can be controlled by varying the release height of the rod. The launcher features:

  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable trajectory angle with angle gauge
  • Clear tube that displays internal parts
  • Adjustable launch force

Building straw rockets is a fun, inexpensive activity and a great way to introduce students to rocketry. Use with Precision Straws, sold separately. Recommended for use in a large, open indoor area such as a gymnasium.


Sanding projects such as building a CO2 dragster in a regular classroom are messy affairs – The Sand Box sanding table literally sweeps away the problem. Featuring two quiet suction fans to quickly draw away sanding dust, the table also features aluminum and HDPE construction and is the right size (approximately 18" x 20") for student use in the classroom. It is portable, so classrooms can share the table as needed.

The table absorbs the dust into a standard furnace filter, which is easily changed. Requires standard 120 V wall outlet.


To create an extra-long track, add these 4' sections onto the Maglev II Track. Constructed of sturdy aluminum; some assembly required.


Pitsco’s redesigned Maglev II Track gives you two options: regular or electrifying!

The track still offers magnetic levitation that can be powered by gravity or a battery-operated maglev vehicle. But now it also enables you to apply an electric current to the track to power a vehicle – just like a real maglev train.

Just attach a positive lead to one side of the track and a negative lead to the other and turn on DC power and away your maglev vehicle goes. This also gives you control of the vehicle’s speed by adjusting the power level.

Constructed of sturdy aluminum, the two 4' track sections combine to create an 8' track. Requires some assembly. You can apply an electric current to the Maglev II Track using the Maglev E Track Power Supply (37797), sold separately. We do not recommend any other DC power source.


Designed with style in mind, the GT-FX Wheels not only are cool but also can be used as the front wheels on any car design. Especially good for shell dragsters as the axle hole goes all the way through the wheel. Injection molded.

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Designed with style in mind, the GT-RX Wheels are not only cool but also can be used as the rear wheels on any car design. Especially good for shell dragsters as the axle hole goes all the way through the wheel. Injection molded.

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The Lx (front) Wheel takes on a more realistic, modern design while offering the speed of the GT series, Nitro, and C Wheels. One-piece construction provides durability.

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