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A School Within A School

A School Within a School

A School Within a School

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A vital element of a Star Academy is its school-within-a-school implementation. Placed inside a traditional school, alternative learning center, or career/tech center, the Star Academy is a school in and of itself.

Star Academy students become part of a yearlong academic family. Staffed by dedicated teachers and a program administrator, the Star Academy provides students with new methods of instruction, hands-on experiences, and support beyond what is available in a conventional school. Students who have previously experienced academic failure regain their confidence and self-esteem. Program results indicate increased student attendance and reduced negative behavior and attitudes.

Unique career and technology methods and an engaging learning environment successfully address the academic requirements of every student. Students in the Star Academy experience a fundamental shift in their attitudes toward learning while developing critical communication and collaboration skills. The learning methods enable teachers to become facilitators and mentors, while transferring ownership of learning and academic achievement to students.