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Culture of Achievement

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

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The Culture of Achievement system is embedded within each Star Academy. The system creates a healthy, collaborative process of communication among students, parents, and school staff. Key stakeholders work together on common goals of improving the school-within-a-school and whole-school environment; the result is a dedicated culture of achievement for all students.

Culture of Achievement is a leadership and professional development series for teachers and school leaders delivered in three stages. Communication strategies, classroom-management techniques, and a climate-improvement action plan are essential elements of the system. These mutually interdependent elements combine to create sustainable, lasting effects.

Star Academy staff members receive on-site, one-on-one training. Students see education as relevant to career and life goals. A strong school community is supported by the energy and wisdom of the principal, school leaders, staff, teachers, students, and parents. The Star Academy is a culture of achievement.