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STEM in the Gym

STEM in the Gym

STEM in the Gym - Integrating and Reinforcing STEM Concepts with Simple Machines…in the Gym

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STEM in the Gym™ is an integrative way to experience and reinforce science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in physical education. It is a fun way to learn core content in the fitness arena and connect to kinesthetic learners. It is a great approach to reinforce learning that children love.

Learn more about teaching STEM through motion with this recording of our webinar: STEM in the Gym – Kinesthetic Connections with Simple Machines. Click here to view this program.

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Ready to teach physical science concepts in combination with physical education? The STEM in the Gym™ – Simple Machines Package will help you do just that! This 2016 GESS Education Award Winner for Best Product to Promote Health and Fitness in the Classroom is an innovative program geared toward elementary grades, students will actually experience the mechanical advantage of each simple machine while learning about force, load, work, and more.

The package includes the curriculum and all the specialized equipment to set up a complete program for 24 students (per period):

  • 8 Soft Wedges
  • 8 Seesaw Levers
  • 6 Wheel & Axle Demonstrators
  • 6 Screw Hatches
  • 6 Wall Pulley Packages
  • 6 Big Gears Demonstrators
  • STEM in the Gym – Simple Machines book and DVD to guide teachers through the setup and implementation of seven physical activities that provide students with a kinesthetic lesson in simple machines

Requires scooters, cones, and floor mats, not included.


These large gear mechanisms in this compound machine enable students to feel the mechanical advantage gained by using gears and pulleys. Let students first experience how much force is required to pull a classmate on a scooter across the floor. Then, weave the rope through the large gear train and have the student use the handle to pull in the classmate. Two separate devices provide gearing up and gearing down opportunities.

Requires scooter and cones, not included.


Astronauts practice using hand wheels to secure hatches in their vehicles. Students can also practice this with the Screw Hatch – and they learn about the advantage of torque. Using this device provides students a hands-on connection to two simple machines: the wheel and axle and the screw.


Students perform a balancing act as they learn about the lever as a simple machine. By balancing either by themselves or with another student on this seesaw device, they feel how a lever can help achieve a task. By being able to move the fulcrum, they can also learn how the fulcrum’s position can level the playing field between two different “loads.”

The Seesaw Lever is constructed of durable wood parts and is appropriately sized for young students.


This soft, durable wedge provides a safe, hands-on experience with this simple machine that makes separating two items or two parts of an item an easier task. Plus, it encourages physical activity with a safe tool.


Written by an award-winning physical education teacher, this guide shows you how to use the STEM in the Gym™ equipment to teach simple machines with a kinesthetic approach. Covers the setup; organization; lesson plans for using the Soft Wedge, Seesaw Lever, Wheel & Axle Demonstrator, Wall Pulley, Big Gears Demonstrator, Screw Hatch, and inclined plane; and correlated national standards.


This video presents an engaging and motivating way to learn about simple machines while applying the principles of force, load, and work. Both teachers and students will enjoy a STEM in the Gym™ adventure. The program complements the unit’s teacher guide and includes two sections: the first is directed to the students and teaches them a kinesthetic lesson with Simple Machines in the Gym, and the second visually demonstrates and guides students and teachers through the activities. Cindy Jones, STEM in the Gym creator, leads students in a demonstration of simple machines at work in the gym. Closed-captioned. Time: 30 minutes.


This package enables students to physically experience the mechanical advantage that a pulley system provides. A student rides a scooter while pulling himself or herself across the gym floor with a rope. Next, the rope is run through the pulley system and the student repeats the experiment to feel how much easier the task is using this simple machine.

Includes the following needed items for a wall-mounted pulley:

  • Large screw eye
  • Latch
  • Pulley
  • Rope

Requires an 18" to 24" gym scooter, not included.