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This consumables kit provides you with all of the consumables needed for the 3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering Curriculum and the 3-D Printing: Design Solutions Curriculum.


  • Vehicle Engineering Class Pack (axles, wheels, and so on)
  • Vehicle Engineering Notebook (250)
  • Design Solutions Engineering Notebook (250)
  • Blue 2-Pack Premium ABS Filament (2)
  • Red 2-Pack Premium ABS Filament (2)


If you have the 3-D Vehicle Engineering Package and want to add 3-D Printing: Design Solutions Curriculum to your classroom, then this is the add-on kit for you.


  • 3-D Printer, Afinia H800 model (3)
  • Blue 2-Pack Premium ABS Filament (2)
  • Red 2-Pack Premium ABS Filament (2)
  • Design Solutions Logbook (125)
  • Design Solutions Curriculum (1)


Resupply your classroom with Design Solutions Logbooks and premium filament. Includes four rolls each of red and blue filament and 125 logbooks, enough for five sections of 25 students. Requires 3-D printers, not included.


Design Solutions includes three weeks of activities to illustrate how an engineer uses 3-D printing to prototype new designs. In that time, students learn about copyrights, patents, and trademark protection and how to use basic modeling software. Teams of two are then challenged to create solutions to three problems. These design solutions are then printed using 3-D printers. Students present their solutions to the class for review. Written to address ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy, Design Solutions enables teachers to address standards while students get the real-world experience of creating a design they are able to hold in their hands when finished. Design Solutions includes a DVD and teacher’s guide. Requires Design Solutions Logbooks (sold separately) and 3-D printer (not included).


Resupply your class with Design Solutions Logbooks for the 3-D Printing: Design Solutions Curriculum.

A new version of this notebook is now available (41471).

$150.00 $99.00

Resupply your class with logbooks for the 3-D Printing: Design Solutions Curriculum.


Pitsco’s 3-D Printing: Explorations in Innovation/Design Solutions Package features four 3-D printers and curriculum that enables students to create three small designs that can be 3-D printed. The curriculum enables instructors to effectively present basic 3-D design along with copyright and patent information. Included activities foster a greater understanding of 3-D design, CAD and CAM software platforms, and methods used for 3-D printing.


Combine the Pitsco 3-D Printing: Vehicle Engineering and Design Solutions packages for a powerful pairing that features:

  • 3-D printers (4)
  • 3-D software for PC and Mac
  • 3-D Printing Curriculum
  • Handling tools
  • ABS filament
  • 3-D Vehicle: Engineering Class Pack (axles, wheels, motors, and so on)
  • Engineering Logbooks (250)

Everything you need to teach key aspects of 3-D design, prototyping, and engineering is included in this bundle.