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4th-Quarter 2015 Scholarship Winner

Name: Rebecca L. Cavitt

Role: STEM teacher (Concepts of Engineering, Biotechnology, and Advanced Biotechnology) and athletics coach

School: Grand Prairie ISD

Located: Grand Prairie, Texas

Number years teaching: 20


What do you teach and to what grade(s)?

7/8 Athletics, 8, HS Concepts of Engineering, HS Biotech, and Advanced Biotech

Why do you like what you teach?

I like teaching what I do because it gives my students opportunities to design, build, and create products that impact the world. I also like seeing their minds open to the idea that they can do more than they realized. Girls need confidence to achieve, and I believe that STEM classes do just that.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I wanted to be a doctor! However, when I stepped into my first classroom, I knew that I had made the right choice for my career

Why do you like to teach with hands-on products?

Tactile learning helps break the monotony of the students’ day. It allows my students to imagine real-world situations to solve, fix, build, recycle, develop, and more.

How does using hands-on products improve the students’ learning experiences?

Hands-on products make the girls think about problem solving and give them ownership of their work.

How long have you been using Pitsco Education products?

2 years

What is your favorite Pitsco Education product and why?

This is a very difficult question. It’s hard to pick just one. I will say that I really like the catapult products.

How do the students respond to Pitsco Education products?

My students truly enjoy the Pitsco products we use. They are very good quality products and stand up to teenagers well.

What's your greatest teaching accomplishment?

I believe my greatest teaching accomplishment is the belief that I impact my students every day. When I teach a struggling student a concept about engineering or biotechnology and she finally gets it, it reassures me that I made the right decision to teach.


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