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For bonds of steel, Finish-Cure Epoxy is the adhesive to call! A general-purpose adhesive, this low-odor epoxy is fully cured after eight hours and can be sanded easily. Can also be used to prepare wood surfaces for primer and paint.


Use this bottle for your rocket’s body.


Fits on the Pitsco LaunchGuard System for when you need to launch larger rockets.


The Sensor Extension Cable extends the length available for creating connections from the TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller to a sensor. Each cable is 30 cm long.


Great for homemade launch systems.


This six-inch propeller assembly includes plastic propellers, propeller adapters, and eyelet hooks to securely hold string or a rubber band. Everything you need for the nose of your model airplane!

This propeller can be used with the following planes:

  • Shoebox R.O.G. Plane
  • Right Flyer
  • Delta Dart


Holds eight AA batteries.


These durable plastic holders come in either a one, two, three, or four AA-battery holder.

If you use the one-battery holder, the output will be 1.5 volts. If you use the two-battery holder, the output will be 3 volts. The three-battery holder puts out 4.5 volts and the four-battery holder output will be 6 volts. If necessary, these can be used on a cloudy day to test your Junior Solar Sprint cars. Just hook up the batteries and test your solar vehicle without the Sun!

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For small robots, electric cars, and other motorized projects, our Battery Holders will come in handy. Holding either two, three, or four AA batteries, they have their own switches, so the motorized object doesn’t need one. And, they come with leads and a removable cover.

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When used with your Construction Caddy II and Perf Insert, this Accu-Fixtures Set is the best way to snap your project in place! The small plastic pieces come in round and angular shapes to help your project stay in place while you make the finishing touches.

You’ll be impressed at how strong structures are when you use these tools. Each set includes six 45º/45º/90º Accu-Angles, two 30º/60º/90º Accu-Angles, and six Accu-Cams. Cams require Perf Insert, sold separately.


This water-soluble, opaque acrylic paint brushes easily and covers rapidly. It cleans up easily with water but is permanent when dry. Its convenient thinning and fast-drying characteristics make it particularly desirable for wood, metal, paper, or canvas. Contains eighteen 1/2-ounce jars. Colors: Avocado, Medium Blue, Gold, Sandalwood, Parrot Green, Shocking Pink, Beige, Brown, Black, Purple, Brick Red, Orange, White, Lilac, Vanilla, Yellow, Cadet Blue, and Red.


Half the battle in any project is having the right tools, and when you are putting together the Stratoblaster, this is the right tool! Tubes and fins are held firmly in exactly the right positions for ramrod-straight rocket bodies and perfectly aligned fins. You’ll save time, materials, and patience when you get it right the first time, every time. Note: Accommodates 20 oz bottles only.


If your students are the adventurous type who like to build their water rockets from scratch, they’ll want Pitsco’s advanced parachute recovery system to ensure the safe return of their handiwork. The system can be adapted to fit any size Pitsco water-bottle rocket and includes assembly and installation instructions. Requires white glue, cool-melt glue, scissors, and transparent tape, sold separately.


This material makes excellent rigid fins yet is easily cut with scissors. Available in two sizes. Enough for three small fins.

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Ailerons, elevators, empennage, rudder – all are terms pertaining to aircraft, but could you or your students explain their functions? Students will gain insight into aircraft flight as they design and test their own airfoils. The construction of their own control-line flying model airplanes will further enhance their understanding of airplane structures. This pack is truly hands on, and each student will have a real flying model airplane upon completion of the activity.

Top-grade balsa wood, adhesives, and all other materials needed for the wing design and flying model airplane activities are included. To pilot the student through the processes (pun intended), a copy of Steve Bachmeyer’s book, Aircraft Structures, is included. Includes enough materials for 25 students. Requires hobby knife, sold separately.


A popular wood for all types of woodworking projects, these birch plywood sheets take paint and varnish well and produce an outstanding finished piece. Requires a saw for cutting.