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Jazz up your cars with our chrome axles. Steel axles are nickel coated to create a finished look for race cars – plus the slick surface decreases the amount of friction produced. 1/8" x 70 mm.


If you want to make holes at a uniform angle and depth in wood, metal, or synthetics, a drill press is the tool you absolutely must have.

The 10" Bench Drill Press is bolted or clamped to the top of a bench or stand and is perfect for smaller jobs. It has a single-phase, 1/4 hp, 115-volt, 60 Hz motor; five spindle speeds for drilling into a variety of materials; 1/2-inch chuck for use with most larger drill bits; a table that tilts 45° right and left for accurate angle drilling; and a simple depth-stop adjustment for repetitive drilling operations.


The gray Craftsman 2.5-amp 9" band saw makes easy work out of complex cuts with a roomy 9" throat. Easily adjust the height up to 3-5/8" for the perfect cut to your chosen piece of soft or hard wood. A powerful 1/4 hp 2.5-amp motor works consistently at 2,460 rpm so you get the job done quickly. For professional or DIY projects, this band saw is the way to go.

The band saw is built to give you a spacious feel as you work. It has a square work table that can tilt up to 45 degrees. The rack and pinion table is controlled and sturdy. Change blades quickly with a quick release after you cut precisely using the bearing blade guides and sliding miter guide. Getting traction is never an issue with the built-in tire-cleaning brush, and you can see your work clearly at all times with the upper blade-tracking window. Blades that are 1/8" to 3/8" wide by 62" diameter fit the new benchtop saw. Assembly is required.


Use this self-lubricating material for axles. Lighter weight and less friction mean faster speeds. Comes in two-foot lengths. Cut axles to desired lengths using the Precision Metal Saw.


This water-soluble, opaque acrylic paint brushes easily and covers rapidly. It cleans up easily with water but is permanent when dry. Its convenient thinning and fast-drying characteristics make it particularly desirable for wood, metal, paper, or canvas. Contains eighteen 1/2-ounce jars. Colors: Avocado, Medium Blue, Gold, Sandalwood, Parrot Green, Shocking Pink, Beige, Brown, Black, Purple, Brick Red, Orange, White, Lilac, Vanilla, Yellow, Cadet Blue, and Red.


Use this super-gloss clear finish on brush-painted dragsters for a smooth, professional finish.


Use this water-based wood sealer to seal the grain of your balsa or basswood dragster. Sand lightly before applying finish coats. Easy water cleanup for brushes. 8 oz bottle.


Cut your dragster’s axle weight in half by using aluminum instead of steel! Buy these 1/8" diameter axles precut, or cut your own from our three-foot lengths. Use the Precision Metal Saw to cut axles to desired lengths.

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These lightweight spacers can be placed between the wheels of shell cars and can also function as friction-reducing axle bushings. 1/4" outside diameter x 1" length.


Durable, high-quality acrylic paint can be brushed or sprayed on dragster bodies or other non-porous surfaces.

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These low-profile rings are placed on the outside of shell car bodies to hold the axle in position. 1/8" inside diameter.


This sander does double duty in classrooms and technology labs. Featuring a 1" x 30" belt sander and 5" disk sander, this tool is ideal for grinding, deburring, sharpening, sanding, and buffing wood and metal.

Sander specifications:

  • Belt width is 1".
  • Belt length is 30".
  • Disc diameter is 5".
  • Voltage is 120 V/1 pH/60 Hz.
  • Belt speed is 3,340 ft/min.
  • Disc speed is 3,450 rpm.
  • Table length is 5".
  • Table width is 7.25".
  • Table tilt is 45 degrees.
  • Dust collection outlet size is 1.5".
  • Horsepower is 1/3 hp.


Clamps to the edge of any workbench or table up to 3-7/16" (87 mm) thick. Includes three screws and nuts for mounting a base to the bench clamp and four neoprene pads for use when additional antislip characteristics are desired without excessive tightening of the clamping screw. For use with the PV Jr. Mini-Vise.


Workmate WM225 is a portable project center that holds virtually anything! Constructed of steel, it holds up to 450 pounds, yet it is lightweight and easily folded for storage and transport. Features include four swivel pegs; one-handed clamp handle; floor-protecting rubber feet; and dual height adjustment that enables it to be used as a bench, tool stand, vise, or sawhorse.


This solid brass axle material is an alternative to steel for CO2 dragsters, mousetrap vehicles, and other model vehicles. When used with brass bushings, this material has ultra-low friction to help you increase speed.

Rods are 12" long – cut them to length using a metal saw, sold separately.

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This brass axle material is a lightweight alternative to steel for CO2 dragsters, mousetrap vehicles, and other model vehicles. When used with brass bushings, this material has ultra-low friction to help you increase speed.

Rods are 12" long – cut them to length using the Tubing Cutter, sold separately.

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