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Descartes’ Cove isn’t a game – it’s an adventure!

Each of these six journeys starts with being in a leaky lifeboat, enduring an ocean storm, and getting stranded on an island. From there, students use their math skills and problem-solving abilities to handle challenges on the island. As they journey, the problems become more difficult until they reach the final quest – escaping the island. The six adventures are:

  • Measurement: The Rafting Journey
  • Numbers & Operations: The Sailing Ship
  • Data Analysis & Probability: The Mining Cave Expedition
  • Algebra: The Underground River Adventure
  • Geometry: The Secret Castle
  • Reasoning & Proof: The Volcano Adventure

With vivid graphics, animations, and music, Descartes’ Cove will engage modern students. And there are more than 600 problems to challenge them. Includes an instructor’s guide.

$150.00 $99.00

ModelSmart enables students to use the computer to interactively design balsa wood and basswood models of bridges, cranes, towers, and all kinds of structural systems!

ModelSmart then analyzes the model, gives numerical results, and simulates the results by showing a deflected shape or collapse. Students can explore structural design ideas before they begin building with real materials! Designed to introduce middle school and high school students to basic engineering concepts and to reinforce math and science skills.

$59.95 $44.96

Water freezes, melts, and evaporates. It’s no surprise, but do students understand what makes the water move from one state to another? The states of matter are key to everything from water cycles to hot-air balloons. Students learn the subject by exploring the software’s library, laboratory, theater, simulations, and studio. Includes a teacher’s guide.

$69.95 $39.95

Don’t just drop eggs from heights to see what happens; use math and science to find out! The Bungee Egg Challenge program is an excellent simulation of the design of an egg-drop project. The relevant physics concepts of damping, forces, elasticity, and kinetic and potential energies are described, and tools for interactive exploration of these concepts are provided in the program. After exploring these tools, the students can use their acquired knowledge in the virtual “Egg Drop Lab” where the goal is to avoid a noisy splat! When they have a design that works in the virtual lab, they can build their design and test it to verify that it works. The drop test will challenge their knowledge and lab skills. Lesson and lab plans are included on the CD.

$97.00 $72.75