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Features 16 principle models, four main models, and four problem-solving models that enable students to investigate and understand the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life: gears, wheels and axles, levers, and pulleys.

$65.00 $55.95

From the concert hall to your classroom, laser lights are a captivating sight. Pitsco’s Laser Show – The Kit is a great way to take advantage of students’ interest in lasers to teach them soldering skills, circuitry, and how reflections and geometry are used to direct the laser’s path. The laser can project 40 to 50 feet.

This second-generation design offers a more streamlined look and construction, a simplified power source, and a laser. Varying the laser pattern is as simple as altering the speed and direction of two motorized mirrors.

The kit includes motors, mirrors, circuit board, wiring, control switches, laser, and four AA batteries. Requires soldering iron and solder, wire cutter/stripper, Phillips screwdriver, and small wrench or pliers.

$75.00 $24.95

This kit is designed for the teacher to experiment with different variables after making a basic mousetrap vehicle. The kit includes the same types of basic materials as found in the introductory kit, plus other materials to allow you to explore different options for developing mechanical advantage. The demo kit includes CD-ROMs, plastic wheels (two sizes), mousetraps, different-length lever arms, string, brass tubing, washers, steel axles, acetal axles, glue, balsa wood, rubber bands, and a copy of Doc Fizzix’s Mousetrap Powered Cars & Boats.

$65.00 $48.75

No playmate needed for this seesaw!

Featuring just one axle and two wheels, The Seesaw has half the friction and rotational inertia acting against it as compared to other mousetrap vehicles. After the mousetrap releases, the racer’s chassis seesaws briefly before balancing out for a clean run.

All parts come precut and predrilled for quick and easy assembly. The Seesaw travels 15-20 meters on average. Requires white glue and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

$49.95 $37.50

Designed for all speed contests and “king of the hill” climbing challenges, The TorqueMaster is engineered to provide as much as 100 percent more torque and extend the pulling force up to 50 percent longer than conventional systems! The TorqueMaster’s pulley system maximizes the winding of the mousetrap’s spring to 360 degrees, causing it to explode off the starting line. Requires a drill, scroll or hand saw, glue, and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

$18.95 $14.95

Much like the AP Rocket, this kit offers a ball for a nose design that brings the rocket back to the ground without damaging it by increasing drag during the rocket’s descent.

Launching requires an AP Rocket Launcher II and air pump, sold separately. This is a quick and easy-to-build rocket; construction requires a ruler, scissors, T-pin, transparent tape, glue stick, and white glue.

Measures 12-1/2" L x 7/8" W x 7/8".

$2.50 $1.88

There’s no need to go ballistic trying to find a way to demonstrate concepts of forward motion. When the Ballistics Car is pushed, the steel ball ejects from the spring-loaded barrel. The ball falls back into the barrel of the moving car, showing that the ball’s forward motion is the same as the vehicle from which it was ejected – a simple but effective demonstration. Includes a steel ball, release pin, and cord. Choose from one of two different heights of ball flight.

$49.95 $26.25

Made of durable steel, this Inclined Plane features a graduated protractor and an adjustable pulley. Also comes with a 14-ounce roller that acts either as a vehicle on the plane or as a counterweight. These extras – as well as the included pan and cord for the masses – give this demonstration tool added flexibility.

$75.00 $56.25

Students discover for themselves the key principles of the physical world around us: force and motion, friction and gravity, action and reaction, and work and power. They test a variety of surfaces for friction resistance, correlate weight to friction resistance, and investigate a variety of ways to reduce friction using wheels and rollers. With the materials included, students will explore variable inertia and use the mini-dynamics carts included to study the basics of elastic versus inelastic collisions.

$175.00 $131.25

Add some energy to reviewing the principles of physics – just add Motion, Forces, & Energy Bingo to the formula!

Students try to find the answers to questions on their game card. When they have five in a row, they call “Bingo!” When the answers are verified as correct, they win. If not, they clear their game cards off and start again. Includes 30 game cards, 75 question cards, chips, and an answer key.

$26.50 $19.88

“That’s what it is all about. Education. Not robots.” That’s the word according to Chris Odom, the developer of the Robodyssey Complete Educational System. This system addresses the problem with many robotics activities. The activity goal shouldn’t be just to build a robot, but to truly learn math, science, and technology in the process – and to learn how those three areas make robotics possible. Propel your robotics technology curriculum with this system.

Includes BasicX and Robotics book, Robodyssey Bare Bones Mouse Kit, Robodyssey motherboard, BasicX BX-24 processor, adjustable sensor bracket, sharp sensor, programming cable, manual for the mouse assembly and programming and for BasicX programming, AA batteries, battery holder, and charger.

$375.00 $281.25

This ultra-fast rubber band racer can travel five meters in one second! Engineered to generate a tremendous amount of torque by the stretching of a rubber band, the Sling Shot optimizes the transfer of potential energy into kinetic energy. The design of its ultra-sticky foam wheels provides maximum traction and keeps the Sling Shot from spinning out at the starting line. The result is a clear winner for all speed contests.

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See a space shuttle take off, fly, and land – all on your school grounds!

With its striking shuttle appearance and a taillike rocket exhaust, this kite will cause a clamor among your students. Features a fiberglass frame, ripstop nylon sail, and a 5' spinning flame windsock tail. Requires a wind speed of 5-20 mph for flight.

$32.00 $16.95

Great as a first- or second-time model! The Viking can be built with three, four, or five die-cut fiber fins – your choice. Easy-to-build, no painting required, and can fly to 1,000 feet and higher. Includes self-adhesive decals.


The winner of 15 national toy awards, Buckyballs are one of the funnest classroom activities around. Not only that, but they teach some of the most significant lessons in science.

This easy-to-build science model includes 60 black Zome balls and 90 short blue struts, so students can build their Buckyball (a soccer ball-shaped carbon form that won the Molecule of the Year award in 1998) any size they want. It’s a simple activity, but one with the potential of teaching students unparalleled lessons in science and chemistry.

$28.50 $21.35

For the experienced Zome user, this kit expands other Zome kits so students can build and learn about regular tetrahedra and octahedra, Archimedean solids, Platonic solids, octet trusses, and other mind-bending configurations. Includes 492 components and color instructions.

$49.95 $37.50
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