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No playmate needed for this seesaw!

Featuring just one axle and two wheels, The Seesaw has half the friction and rotational inertia acting against it as compared to other mousetrap vehicles. After the mousetrap releases, the racer’s chassis seesaws briefly before balancing out for a clean run.

All parts come precut and predrilled for quick and easy assembly. The Seesaw travels 15-20 meters on average. Requires white glue and needle-nose pliers, sold separately.

$49.95 $37.50

This ultra-fast rubber band racer can travel five meters in one second! Engineered to generate a tremendous amount of torque by the stretching of a rubber band, the Sling Shot optimizes the transfer of potential energy into kinetic energy. The design of its ultra-sticky foam wheels provides maximum traction and keeps the Sling Shot from spinning out at the starting line. The result is a clear winner for all speed contests.

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