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Start with explaining the language of algebra and how to solve problems, and then go further with warm-ups and specialized topics. This volume covers how to solve algebra problems, translating words into algebraic symbols, ages, coins, mixtures, formulas, rectangles, percents, and more. Reproducible student sheets; includes an answer key with explanations.

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Going beyond mere naming and computation to cover math concepts and language, Conceptual Bingo offers flexibility as well as learning fun. The calling cards provide six different ways to call out the numbers. This adds the flexibility to cover many topics with this one game – a great value for the classroom or home! Choose from one of three varieties: Fractions, Decimals, and Integers. Each game includes 36 playing cards, 360 plastic markers, more than 50 calling cards, and reproducible student sheets.

Conceptual Bingo – Fractions
Fractions are a pivotal point in math education. Conceptual Bingo helps students grasp topics such as naming and computing fractions, counting by fractions, fraction and operation concepts, and averaging.

Conceptual Bingo – Integers
Students a little glum about learning integers? Pep them up with Conceptual Bingo! They’ll learn to compute, interpret, and compare integers – plus learn the opposite and absolute values of a number – while trying to win the game.

Conceptual Bingo – Decimals
Don’t go dotty – Conceptual Bingo easily teaches students to compare and round decimals, to convert fractions to decimals, to understand operation concepts, and much more!

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Descartes’ Cove isn’t a game – it’s an adventure!

Each of these six journeys starts with being in a leaky lifeboat, enduring an ocean storm, and getting stranded on an island. From there, students use their math skills and problem-solving abilities to handle challenges on the island. As they journey, the problems become more difficult until they reach the final quest – escaping the island. The six adventures are:

  • Measurement: The Rafting Journey
  • Numbers & Operations: The Sailing Ship
  • Data Analysis & Probability: The Mining Cave Expedition
  • Algebra: The Underground River Adventure
  • Geometry: The Secret Castle
  • Reasoning & Proof: The Volcano Adventure

With vivid graphics, animations, and music, Descartes’ Cove will engage modern students. And there are more than 600 problems to challenge them. Includes an instructor’s guide.

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Your students experience probability and statistics frequently in their daily lives. They play games with spinners, coins, cards, or dice, which all involve probability. They also encounter statistics on food packaging, television commercials, and baseball cards.

The activities in this book engage students in active mathematical situations that are fun, exciting, and enable students to further develop mathematic literacy. If you and your students use a textbook for most math lessons, you will find this guide a welcome change from traditional math.

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Mastering whole numbers, common factors, ordering fractions, plotting points, angles, and other math concepts isn’t a chore – it’s a game! Students earn points and move around the game board by correctly answering the questions on the review cards. Play continues until all players reach the finish, and the one with the most points wins the game.

Includes 25 sets of review cards (each set has different questions for a total of 750 questions), 12 colorful and double-sided game boards, 12 dice, 36 game pieces, a Windows CD-ROM with interactive presentation, and an online subscription. Choose the appropriate grade level for your class.

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This book is an ideal resource for teachers who want to challenge their students and at the same time reinforce basic skills. Math Games for Middle School reviews all the topics of the middle school curriculum, from addition and subtraction to plane and space geometry, graphing, and probability. Math Camps provide challenging ways to apply new skills and intriguing background about the human side of mathematics.

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Using real-life situations such as calculating car payments and planning a business, this volume covers the basic concepts of algebra, linear equations, lines and distance, slopes and lines, parabolas, quadratic equations, and more. The updated edition features updated content and new lessons.

Fully reproducible book includes math concepts, answer keys, and extension activities.

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When you hear the plaintive cry, “Why do I have to learn this stuff – I’ll never use it anyway,” you can point the whiner to this poster that features dozens of reasons for learning geometry. From managing money to building a doghouse to tracking the path of a storm, one of the reasons is sure to convince your students of the practical applications of this fundamental mathematical science.

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For the experienced Zome user, this kit expands other Zome kits so students can build and learn about regular tetrahedra and octahedra, Archimedean solids, Platonic solids, octet trusses, and other mind-bending configurations. Includes 492 components and color instructions.

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These rubber bands are ideal for use with the Pitsco Coordinate Geometry Board. 1-3/8 ounces per bag.

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